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Super Shrew Auction : Play by Play Sandshrew plush!

I've decided to auction off my extra Play by Play Sandshrew plush, as I could use the money and space and I would like it to go to a fellow collector. If you're looking for this rare little Shrew now's your chance!

General Policies
*All Pokemon Collectors community rules apply
*Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on November 6, 2014
*Feedback can be found at:
*I ship from Orlando FL, USA and I am open to international shipping at this time
*Payment is due 24 hours after commitment. Paying late or backing out of committed purchases can result in negative or neutral feedback.
*Prices do not include shipping or paypal fees unless otherwise stated

On to the Shrew! Click any of the photos for a closeup.

Has tush tags intact. Clean and kept in a smoke-free home. Both arms are attached to the body. No stains, spots, or rips excluding one teensy pinprick hole in the ear where the tag used to be.

Bids start at $60
Please bid in increments of $1
Auction ends on September 4th at Midnight EST
Countdown timer: HERE

Happy bidding!
Tags: auction, auctions, sandshrew

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