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Halloo PKMNCOLLECTORS.... it's been some years.

I don't see ANY familiar usernames, but then I poofed back in 09 thanks to school taking up my time. Then jobs and life blah blah blah. Well, long story short, I got sick, quit my job, and moved in with my fiance. So I'm going back to things that made me happy to aid in the healing process! I collect Darkrai, Pikachu, Snorlax, Munchlax, Dratini, and other bits and bobs that strike my fancy. My favorite is plushies!! I recently added two new plushies to my collection, PhD Pikachu (since I will be starting my PhD in a year, health permitting!) and the AMAZING Worlds Pikachu.

The plushie throne!!!!!

KFC Dratini, Dratini Friend, Applause Dratini, BK Gyarados (Jakks Manaphy and Drifloon just offscreen ;-;) Sleeping Tomy Pikachu, Applause Pikachu, Pokedoll Pikachu, Pokeball Pikachu, Mini Pikachu Pokedoll (came in tin Pokeball), Jakks Pikachu, Hasbro Pikachu, Pikachu Friend, GIANT Tomy Chu, BP UFO Chus (one mascot sized).

Very rare Tomy Munchlax puppet, Jakks Shaymin, Munchlax Pokeball, BP Knitted UFO,  Munchlax Friend, GIANT Munchlax UFO (Not bootleg, but Taiwanese!) Munch Pokedoll, Snorlax BK, Teeny Pokeball Munchlax, BP Pastel Munchlax UFO,Tomy Munchlax, Snorlax Friend, Snorlax Pokedoll, Jakks Munchlax, Hasbro Snorlax, Bright blue Snorlax with BP tag?, OH and BP Festival Munchlax UFO. <33

BIG SHINY DARKRAIIIII <3 Small UFO Darkrai, Darkrai Friend, Fuzzy Hasbro Lax, BP "Toothy" UFO, BP "Feety" UFO, unidentified snorlax beanie.

Some of my favorites <3

Bell Plushies <3 Very special. Also metal figures and snorlax stampy.

Figures! And Pokedolls! And AWESOME Munchlax Box someone on here made me ;-;

Pokemon Kids! And Pre-Order Giratina :D

Well that's me. ;) More stuff thats not on display is stored in the Munch box. :D
Tags: darkrai, dratini, mew, munchlax, pikachu, plush, shaymin, snorlax
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