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Extra Auction & Sale + 151 gets! 8D~ + Regular Sales

New eBay lot is up!

My other lot is still available as well!

Also, I got this massive TOMY Moncolle set just for the shiny Hyper Size Rayquaza sigh

I already have Hoopa and don't want the rest of the play set. So if anyone wants the items shown here (except Rayquaza, and the team rocket flats ARE INCLUDED but are cut off in the image for some reason.. ugh my phone camera. You can see most of it in the first image)

I'll sell it all for just $9 shipped within the US (inquire for international, but be warned it will be more than $20). In addition to Team Rocket, there are Primal Groudon and Kyogre flats in here too!
I can include the actual box flattened for +$4 (to cover additional shipping costs), but I'm pitching the plastic casing this evening (trash day), and if no one wants the box, I'll be cutting it up as cardboard reinforcement for various shipments. XD

And then... onto GETS!
So I went ahead and splurged a bit to get this baby~~

It's the 15th Anniversary Pokemon 151 Badge Reel from the Pokemon Center! Featuring... of course all the original 151 Pokemon~ It's gorgeous!!!! Bigger than I thought as well too, but of course. xD
I read somewhere that aside from the badges that were sold individually, they only made 1000 of these reels?
Actually, I got this and then have the 151 badges individually coming to me later because I was unsure if I wanted the reel or the badges in their nice, individual packaging, but I've kind of fallen in love with the reel already .___.; Reasons below!

This is on one of the sides, so cute! TwT

I don't know why I was expecting the reel to be flimsy quality, but it's actually super thick binder material!! And it comes open!! It closes with really nice thick push buttons.

And well... since the material is so flexible and there's so much hollow space when it's assembled, I instantly got the idea of putting things inside the hollow opening!!!
When I get more 2nd batch of kuttari, I'll be moving some of the plush on top out and it'll be kuttari tower!! XD I'm surprised they haven't announced a 3rd batch yet?? I was just assuming they were just going to go through all of the eeveelu at least (and empty my wallet), and there's also still unreleased Pichu owo;

Anyway, super happy with this get and this "storage" discovery! XDD Not sure what I'm going to do with the 151 individual badge set when it comes. xD I'd hate to separate it and all since it's a COMPLETE set... Considering doing a group buy on it but in that case I would require that ALL 151 are claimed, not sure if I'm motivated to do that atm

So other than that... sales plug!!
Preview of new items:

Click here or the image below to go to my sales page!

Splash's PokeSales post! )

Gonna have a pretty exciting weekend with PAX Smash tournament to watch and such XD~ I want to see more Pikachu/other Pokemon players in the brackets!!
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