classypersian (classypersian) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Survey and added stuff to my sales :)

Let's start off with the survey!!

1) if you had to evacuate and could only take five of your pkmn plushies, which ones would you take? (I'm so evil!)
2) what's the main thing you collect? (Plushies, figures, cards, etc)
3) the rarest thing you own?
4) are you more interested in Japanese releases than American ones?
5) well the Pokemon Center online has been back for what a year now? How's it been treating you?

My answers:
1) oh evil me is evil!(/。\) I would have to take my Raichu PC plush, shiny Magikarp, Cosplay Bellechu, DX we are team rocket meowth, and mega Altria contest plush!
2) defiantly plushies! But I really like clearfiles too!
3) I would have to say my shiny Magikarp
4) the obvious choice would be Japan! I love how they do tag art!
5) alright I guess :) they have a lot of cool things but some non plush items are really expensive :(

Can't wait to see what you come up with :3

Sales time! For now I'm taking my torchic 1:1 off the list, but I did add some EX cards and other shiny flats: ^o^ Flats are above (livejournal won't let me put pics :() and my previous sales with Feedback here:

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