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Some Non-Card TCG Sales, and Another Item

Hello everyone. I've been cleaning out my room these past few days and I've finally decided to post some items that have been sitting on my shelves for a while. I kept meaning to make a sales post before, but it just kept getting pushed back. Anyway, I have a ton of non-card TCG stuff for the pickings, as well as one other item I discovered on my bookshelf that I thought somebody might be interested in.

General Sales Rules
-Sales permission granted on March 20, 2015 by areica96
-All standard PKMNCollectors rules apply
-Feedback link:
-Will not sell to non-members/banned members
-Will only accept USD through PayPal as payment
-Orders WILL NOT SHIP until full payment is received
-US shipping for these sales is included in the prices listed
-International shipping is $10.00 on top of listed prices
-Buyers can request bubble mailers for smaller items (deck booklets, deck mats, deck boxes, damage counters, coins, & pins) for an addition $2.50
-All collapsable items will be shipped flat to save space and ensure safety during shipping (mostly, just the deck boxes)

I have a full-breed german shepherd, and she sheds like crazy, but she is not allowed in the same room where I keep my items stored. That said, there is still a possibility that allergens may travel along with shipment, so if you are EXTREMELY allergic to dogs, you might not want to order anything from me.


And without further ado, my items:

Roaring Skies and Ancient Origins Elite Boxes (everything but the boosters)

Exterior Flat Boxes (Left): $5.00 each (Roaring Skies claimed)
Deck Boxes with everything in them (Right): $15.00 each

Deck Booklets

Latios Trainer Guide: $2.00
Latias Trainer Guide: $2.00
Latios & Latias Trainer Guides Together: $3.00
2014 World Championships Booklet: $5.00 each (1 claimed)

Deck Mats

FullSizeRender 31.jpg FullSizeRender 29.jpg
FullSizeRender 28.jpg FullSizeRender 24.jpg

Phantom Forces Galvantula & Talonflame (Top Left): $1.00 each (1 remaining)
XY Starter Set Wigglytuff & Bisharp (Top Right): $1.00
Kalos Starter Set (Bottom Left): $1.00 each (I have 2)
XY Starter Set Latios & Latias: $1.00

Deck Boxes & Damage Counters

Deck Boxes: $2.00 each World Championship Boxes claimed)
Damage Counters: $1.00 per sheet

Coins & Pins

FullSizeRender 27.jpg

Coins: $1.00 each
(From Top Left to Bottom Right) Silver Lugia (x3), Red Sinoh Starters, Blue Sinoh Starters, Red Victini, Silver Steelix, Silver Rayquaza, Green Flygon, Blue Tyranitar, Gold Deoxys, Silver Deoxys, Gold Mega Charizard Y (x2), Team Magma, Purple Genesect, Black/Silver Xerneas, Blue/Silver Xerneas, Red/Silver Yveltal, Red/Black Yveltal, Black/Silver Pikachu (x2), Black/Gold Pikachu, Yellow/Silver Pikachu, Gold Kalos Starters, Silver Chespin, Green Chespin, Silver Fenniken, Red Fenniken, Blue Froakie

Team Magma Pin: $1.00

And finally, my non-TCG item...

The Electric Tale of Pikachu Complete Graphic Novel: $10.00 (has minor crease in top right corner on cover, and another on the back bottom right corner)

Thanks for taking a look.

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