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TCG Wants

Hey everyone! I wanted to make a quick post with the cards that I am searching for to help complete my collection. The cards in this list are very specific and, unfortunately, I am not interested in anything else at the moment. I am in the US but I am willing to trade or buy worldwide.

E2 (Aquapoilis) Voltorb 33 Unlimited
E2 (Aquapoilis) Voltorb 34 Unlimited
L3 Clash at the Summit (Triumphant) Voltorb Reverse Holo Unlimited
L3 Clash at the Summit (Triumphant) Electrode Reverse Holo Unlimited
L3 Clash at the Summit (Triumphant) Electrode Prime Reverse Holo Unlimited

Please note that all of the Japanese cards I need are unlimited edition NOT 1st edition. I do have the 1st edition counterparts that I can trade if anyone has the unlimited versions. Since I am so desperate for the L3 cards, I am also willing to buy any packs or boxes as long as they are unlimited.

Jungle Electrode 18 1st Edition

I also have the English version of this that I can use to trade. No boxes or packs for Jungle since, quite frankly, this will probably be the easiest for me to locate.

Well, that's all I need right now. If anyone has these cards or thinks they know where I can get them, please contact me so we can set something up! Thanks!
Tags: electrode, tcg, voltorb

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