latias_girl (latias_girl) wrote in pkmncollectors,

"Tini" Get! And Looking For Another!

Hello community~ Today I'm going to share a teensy little get I got in the mail today~

It's a teeny little Banpresto Victini plush strap! Look at how tiny he is >w< He fits in the palm of your hand~ I've decided to name him Poco, (Spanish for small) and I have agui_chan to thank for selling him to me~ Thanks!
However, he looks like he's seen better days ^^; Poor little baby has a missing foot ;v; So I'd like to ask the community if anyone has one of these little guys to sell MWT? Just for clarification he's a 2011 Banpresto plush strap :> I would like to get another one, because he's just so cute and I'd like to have one with all his limbs and with a tag if thats possible ^^
Thank you all, and see you later with probably another get XD
Tags: banpresto, gets, plush, victini
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