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Hey, just curious.. Has anybody here made note that loads of the smaller collectibles for Pokemon usually have a rock-paper-scissors style game matched up with it? I mean, even from the first generation, I remember once I bought a set of three medals (Each with a different Pokemon stamped into it, each a different shape, hexagon, six pointed star, triangle) that were intended to be used in a rock paper scissors game of the same style. On top of that, I bought some magnets from a dollar store not too long ago, Ambipom and Giratina, and they each had the "Rock" hand sign on them. Also, I'm a bit addicted to buying the colored medallions they sold at JapanTown for a while. These ones have a number of points (Ranging from like, 40 to 250 or so) and a number of PokeBalls and Hearts on them, as well as their type. I'm not sure if they apply to a game as well, but I'm fairly sure they do. It's shown up in tons of other toys as well, and I always thought it was interesting.
Anybody have one or two they'd like to mention?
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