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Efficient TCG collecting?

Hey guys!

so this post is meant to address the tcg collectors among you.

so, the "problem" I am confronted with is that I am interested in collecting more Pokemon cards, however, realizing that card collecting is almost painfully expsensive makes me a bit reluctant too...

So I was wondering what are the most efficient, in the sense of money-saving, methods to go about tcg collecting?

I know that for most of the serious collectors, of course booster boxes are the most efficient ways. However, Idk if this option is right for me since I am not necessarily always interested in completing sets, and, moreover, maybe my biggest problem is that my favorite cards are earlier sets. I can never in my life afford to buy a booster box of such a set which go for 500 dollars something ever. :/
so what I do most of the time is purchase single cards, my favorites of the respective sets. But this really adds up in the end as well, and it makes it almost impossible to purchase holos, at least the ones that are on the rarer side.

So, do you who collect tgc more extensively have any good methods on saving money other than buying booster boxes? I've thought about these:
- Buying whole sets: is cheaper than buying every card on its own, however, it's a hefty price too if you buy a set all at once, and with the little money I have, it's not really an option. Plus, it kind of takes away the fun of gradually building a collection of something.
- Buying bulks on ebay: Now this is an option I've been thinking about lately. I've found some bulk options on ebay offering mostly 50-70 random cards in them, most of them being commons and uncommons. Sometimes, they include just one holo, sometimes 3-5, it varies, and their prices seem to be around 6-10 Euros depending on how many cards (mostly including shipping). The chance of getting cards that one is interested in is not so high, but you can always trade them, can't you?

So yeah, these are my thoughts. I would be happy to engage in some conversations, or if anyone could give me some tips.
Thanks guys!
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