shinyscrafty (shinyscrafty) wrote in pkmncollectors,

SH Figuarts Pricing (and display ideas?!)

Ugh, hey folks! It's been a while @ v @ I haven't had much time (or money omg) to do much collecting recently, considering I've just moved into a new apartment in a whole new state with a whole new job! I promise I'll post a collection update soon, I've gotten a lot of new stuff compared to my last (first) post.

But before that, I've been contemplating buying a SH Figuart of Lucario or Mega Blaziken, not sure which yet, but when I go on eBay and Amazon, all the prices are... like... really low. Like 30 dollars or less low. I bought my Mewtwo D Arts for way more than that, so I'm wondering if it's because first generation Pokemon are just in higher demand, or if a 30 USD Mega Blaziken figuart is somehow a shady bootleg because we all know that eBay and Amazon is loaded with that sort of thing... Anyone know? I don't want to spend any money on something when money's already tight if there's a chance that it might not be legit!

And, now, side topic -- does anyone have any super interesting ideas on how to display some figures and plushies? I have a varied assortment but I have no clue how to put them up. I'm going to be getting a ladder sort of looking bookshelf next week, so I figured I'd put them there, but I'm seriously open to cool creative ideas because I can't think of anything. I'm thinking of ideas similar to someone (might have been here?) who cut out TCG pictures and placed figures inside the little square so it looked like a 3 D card. I'd love inspiration!

Thanks, guys, you're all always so helpful u w u/
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