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NEW gets from Target

Got some new plushies from Target yesterday; Target got some new TOMY plushies. They had all of them: Treecko, Mudkip, Pikachu, Pichu, and Torchic. Didn't get them all for money reasons. Still not sure why I don't go for a Pikachu plush yet but the way I see it is, I go for the popular/un-common ones; Pikachu will usually always be around way longer than the rest since, and I assume they will get more Pikachu's if they go out of stock, whereas Mudkip & Treecko will only get maybe 1 stock per store.

Mudkip, no matter what plush, is always going to be cute. :D <3

Treecko's tag was just slightly bent but that is ok, and since the 1st day I saw them there, there were about 2-3 of them. I go the very next day and only one was left so I decided to get it while I can. On the other hand, there were like 3 Mudkips over by the grocery section. LMFAO I put them back where they belong so they can be found easier for collectors to find and get new homes. :)

eboncharizard here is the post. :D
Tags: mudkip, plush, pokemon, tomy, treecko
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