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A fond hello, and also ROTOM

Hi there! I'm FrankthePug0487, although the username I wanted that I use everywhere is spyroflame0487...but Ben is just fine (or Frank, Spyro, Spy, whatever is cool haha)

I'm really excited to join the community mostly because I've been watching it for years now and reading about everyone's awesome finds and collections. It's something that I really love about the Pokemon Fandom. But anyways, I really wanted to show you some neat things I picked up!

I'm a HUGE Rotom fan, and I try to get stuff whenever I can..for a modest price haha.

First up, I got some new Rotom Tretta chips. These thigns are so neat...too bad we wont ever get Tretta over here ;-;. I'm assuming there's ones for Mowtom and Fan but Pokevault didn't have them at the time lol.

I picked up these guys all on ebay for very low prices! The Rotom playing card is a special made thing for a fan community, and I couldn't pass it up. Then Washy Bromide and lastly a pair of promo stickers from Platinum's launch with all the different forms!

These guys are already up in my little Rotom corner in my room...and when I get some more things these next few weeks, I'll take some pics. In the meantime, if you're curious, I have a little album over here of my whole collection!

Tags: pokemon, rotom
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