nico! (bearprince) wrote in pkmncollectors,

some wants!

Hey all! I'm waiting on some packages in the mail still before I post a new collection update, but in a meantime there's a few wants I wanted to share in case anyone happened to have them!

Pictures are all taken from Pokevault.

I love collecting food related items so I really want this 2012 Fukuoka comes in pink too I think but I'd prefer the yellow!

I'd also like to continue expanding my ceramic/glassware collection with these two things from the Pikachu on the farm series!

Finally, for my Teddiursa collection, I happened upon this REALLY SUPER CUTE Little Tales pouch that I had no idea featured my favorite little bear on it!! It also comes in brown, and I was able to find the brown one on Amazon but i REALLY want the beige!!

I'm also interested in any other kitchenware items like glasses and plates and mugs! :^D
Tags: wants
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