jheila (jheila) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Dedenne coaster? Updated collection! Edit: New plush?

Does anyone have one of these for sale? I would love to have this cutie, but it was never officially for sale, and the only one I can find is on buyee, where they deleted my account (with 300$ of packages!!!) for no reason :c

Also, I figured since I just organized it, I'd show off my current dedenne collection!

This is now what my self looks like ovo Ignore the based god madoka

Close up 1! This side was so hard to keep up! Everything kept falling :c

That clock is now the main focus~ I love it so much!!

The music box got pushed to the back :< I need some lights in here!

But wait, where are the plush??

OH. Since my bed is no longer water proof, my TV became their refuge!

...as well as the xbox...

:< my poor bed looks so empty now

I'm always looking for obscure dedenne stuff! Things I need now are like the gatcha magnet, the pitapoke playset ver, stuff from the recent kuji, and just some odds and ends like that :D

Edit: I'm looking for this new dedenne plush as well! It has a different pose from the standard plush
Tags: dedenne
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