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Hello again! And wants!

Hi guys! So it's been a while! Golly with the start of a new school year things can get busy as I'm sure everyone knows!
Anyways, after the wait I've decided to make a wants post for myself but also for.... Wait for it, my boyfriend!

He was all like, I need a pichu! And I'm like, man I've got you covered~

So! For him I'm looking for a minky pichu plush and some sort of porygon 2 figure (probably the Jakks or kid figure). Price range will be $20-$25 shipped with fees. As for myself! I totally missed that the new Spoopy promotion is next weekend!!! If it's not too late I totally need a Pikabat!! And possibly the pumpkaboo plush!

Dawww, just look at those faces~

Not sure if I'll be buying the pumpkaboo with it yet depending on the price. If not I'm certainly searching for more ducklett and swanna items as can be seen...

no titleno titleno title
Unknown-5.jpegno titleno title
Unknown-11.jpegno titleno title

*Just need the swanna christmas charm, not the ducklett one.
*Also a zapdos clear fcs figure
*Aaaand a link to other wants:

Prices for these guys would be around $10-$15.
Also, is there an official swanna figure? I've seen some around but I can't tell if they're just bootleg or not. Thanks!

So thanks guys! I hope by tomorrow or maybe the next day I'll post a picture of my recent gets/new college set up! So I won't just be posting wants anymore (boooooringgggg)!

Hope y'all are having a great night/evening/day!

*Edit added link
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