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Gets and Art Commissions

Okay so i've been waiting on this one thing to come in for far too long. Sooooo i'll just incude it in the collection update when i move and get the rest of the stuff i got this pay-period. I seriously belive my new shelves are going to get here before it dose. My perler beads from china did. Anywho, on with the stuffs.
Edit: That last thing got here this morning cx
Cute attention grabbing picture.

Shot of all my new gets

My new sylveon plush! I LOVE them all! For one i couldn't belive that i even got the ichiban kuji sylveon+eevee. The prices are so jumpy and everytime i found one within decent prices it would be right when i went broke so i'm kindof extactic about them. The quality blew me out of the water. Worth every cent. The poketime and dekkai mascots are sooooooooo cute and the poketime one is fairly photogenic as seen above. I ordered the glaceon one of that one right away cx
And as such the tradition of naming all of my plush has returned. From left to right meet Ellie, Alice(sylveon) and Leslie(eevee), and Baby!

And pins! I baught the pokebox pin and waited on that anxiously for a while. Customs held it up quite a bit, but once again i'm very pleased. Pictures do not do this pin justice. It's verry beautifully done. And my buttons! I totally forgot about my buttons! I got these at momo con in Atlanta Ga in may. She actually has a shop on etsy! She's very sweet and has tons of cute buttons!
Her etsy shop is here if you want some buttons from her too. She has way more than just pokemon. C: https://www.etsy.com/shop/KrazehcakeShop?ref=l2-shopheader-name

Ugh. Don't have a clue why but these next two photos are way sideways. Just ignore it with me if you will. anyways i can't say a baught these cause i made them. I got really into making perlers and chances are i'll make more soon. But I made some to go with my sylveons since my glaceons have a couple.

And this is by far the biggest win on my list, Not because its rare or expensive but because i got it for $2. Yes $2. It was up for an auction on ebay and i for sure thaught it would be a bootleg so i was just going to repaint it if that was the case, but i was pleasantly surprised to find that it was real! ^^

And last of my sylveons, the pokemon center exclusive sylveon card and the foil card i was looking for a month back! My clossest colector freind nidoqueen_pug got them both for me as gifts. Safe to say both times was pleasantly surprised! c:

I was too lazy to take a new picture of her but anyways, the grail i have been looking for three years now! Canvas Glaceon! right next to my bootleg glaceon. Irony at its finest. I'm sure everyone was aware of the group buy by now so i really don't think i need to go into detail with that. I actually debated weather or not i even needed to post that i got it but i couldn't help myslef cx The moment i held her cute little self for the first time i made happy squeaking noises, so i'm pretty happy with this little gem^^  Don't make fun of me for this, but i have named her Elsa. cx
Welp thats all for gets. I'll make another gets/collection updates post again. like i said i just ordered some new shelves so that i can display my glaceons and sylveons side by side once i move. Can't wait for that c:


The talky sylveon! She's SO cute! I originally planed to leave her in box but the whole left side of the box was like crushed and screwed up. You can't see a whole lot of it in the picture cause i tried my best to fix it but it still urked me. So that was a slight dissapointment but she herself is not. I put the batterys in her and started playing with her and i can't get over how cute the little noises are that she makes! It is totally squee worthy and makes up for the crushed box. I have yet to name her but whatever i do name her it needs to be frickin adorable cx Suggestions are welcomed!
I tried to get a video of her cutseyness but technecal issues have arose>.<

 And My art commissions

-Sales permission given by entirelycliched on 7/27/2013
-i have two furr babies but, my two cats are kept out of the workshop room where you're items are kept.
-i comply to PKMN collectors rules.
-i ship from Georgia in the US worldwide. Please be aware that international shipping will cost more.
- I am not responsible for packages once they leave the post office, I will include tracking and insurance upon request, but please be aware that it will cost a extra.
-payment must be made in 48 hours. I may be a bit more flexible on this if its a more expensive item.
-prices are in USD.
-paypal only please!
-first come first serve.
-prices don't include fees and shipping unless stated.
-i am open to haggling on some items, unless stated otherwise.
-trades are welcomed, again unless stated otherwise.
 Okay so I decided it was about time that i take some commisions for my drawings. I do basic 8.5" X 11" Drawings with various media. My favorites to work with as of late is pen and colored pencil.
The process works this way. Once you commision me i will put you on the list and when i get to you on the wait list i will message you and ask what you want. Be as spesific or as lose with the request as you would like. I'm used to wroking both ways. I will then make a rough pencil outline. Then i will send you link to the photo of the pencil outline and wait for a response. If you like it i will move forward with minor updates as pen outlining and color is added in. If not i will make changes and then repeat. I will not ask for payment untill after your drawing is finnished, but if you preffer to you can send payment in advance.
Each 8.5"x11" is $15+shipping.
Examples of my arwork can be found here: http://rarity-skye.livejournal.com/photo/album/940/?page=1
This time i will take 4 people to start with.

The premade stuff ranges in price and size. These will be listed with shipping for US buyers. International buyers ask for quotes.
no title
Espurr Shaming cardlet(sized 4.2" x 5.5")- $10 shipped in the US
image (13).jpeg
Shiny Mega Gardevoir Used Phychic(sized 8.5" x 11")- 20 Shipped in the US

Thankyou for reading, and for now i sleep. I shall check on comments in the morn^^ ~Kaela
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