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Short Introduction and Wants! ^_^/

Hello! My name's Megan and I have recently joined this glorious community to meet people with the same interest as me: pokemon! (Obviously ;D) I only have one person in my life who loves pokemon as much as me, so I thought I could search far and wide to find more people who I could connect with! :D

Anyway, a little bit about me.....

I'm 18, just graduated high school, and am currently taking a year off before going to school..... WHICH MEANS means I can expand my collection as much as possible before college! :) I honestly just collect anything that I find cute/nostalgic of my childhood, so my collection consists of a LOT of plushies and random items of stationary and figures :) For awhile I had a passion for Eeveelutions, but then I realized that it was so expensive to collect all 9 now and I decided I would only go with the merch that I liked :)

Anyway, introduction aside, I would love to post my collection now, but I would like for some things to arrive in the mail first before I do that ;) Ya know, so I can have a grand opening of myself as a collector :3 hehe! Okay, so thanks for letting me ramble and I just wanted everyone to know I am sosososooso excited to be a part of this community :) I can't wait to meet everyone and share the love of pokemon with everyone here :)

I'm also curious, if you have a second to comment, I would love to know the Pokemon/type of merch that everyone collects! It's always fun to see the diversity as there is SO MUCH merch out there :D

Also, besides this introduction I have some wants! If anyone could help me out with these that would be stellar :) Thanks!!


-Pikados Pikakarp, and Pikazard have to be MWT


-Can be with hangtag or without :) They are just so cute so if anyone is considering selling one and wants it to go to a loving home I could do just that! ;)

Thank you guys so much for listening! I hope everyone has an amazing day and I look forward to my long life as a pkmncollector ;)

Tags: dragonite, introductions, pikachu, pokedolls, poliwhirl, wanted
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