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Recap of summer fun~ Summer Monthly Pikachu pics

This summer has been quite fun~ Hope you all had a fun summer with the doses of Pokemon merchandise and outdoor fun/events! I know I wish I was in Japan for Pikachu Outbreak~ Check out #ピカチュウ大量発生チュウ for awesome Pikachu dance pics and videos!

I love the Monthly Pikachus that have been released so far especially the summer ones. I resisted collecting the first few when they came out but now I really regret that. These Pikachus are perfect to take to adventures and random places like work, school, shopping, and sightseeing fun! Plus, the inside tag art with the mini story and sketch is cute. ;w; I look forward to the upcoming fall/winter ones especially my birth month in December! I think I need multiples of all these Monthly Pikachu.. .__.;;

Besides the summer conventions where I bought Pokemon fan art goods (which I still need to share... there was the Pokemon Symhony in San Jose back in July! Also, in my area of Northern California there are three Obon Festivals (Japanese Buddhist festival).

There's food stalls, games, craft store, and the big Obon dance so Festival Pikachu was feeling right at home! The Obon festivals are fun to go to but there wasn't too much to do but look around and eat. I have more fun at the Cherry Blossom Festival in San Francisco Japantown. I bet it would be more fun in Japan! Translation for the tag: Boom boom boom! Piihyarara! Today is the summer festival. Pikachu is interested in all the stands lined up on the path! Its heart springs with excitement at the sounds of the Japanese orchestra. It's a lively night. Let's come again with everyone next year.

Of course, we will come again every year and enjoy the summer festivals~ and other festivals all year long. :3

I found someone wearing a yukata with a Pikachu Uchiwa (fan) on the back and totally took a creeper picture behind her. LOL There were lots of people wearing yukatas and holding Uchiwas. At the Obon info desk, they also handed out fans for free. Also, I was holding my Festival Pikachu and this cute little Japanese boy kept saying Pikachu Pikachu to his mom! XDD :3

Festival Pikachu is my favorite so far. Living near Japanese markets, festivals, and other events... I find Festival Pikachu perfect for going to Japanese festivals in the area~

In my most recent FromJapan package I won a lot that included some Pikachu Outbreak event pamphets, flyers, Pikachu paper headband, and this Pikachu fan! I'll definitely take this with me to the next festival!

I got the Pikachu and Charmander in kimono charms at AX. There's also Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Eevee! Very creative! I would love to see more Pokemon x Japanese design goods!

Also, we went to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk about 40 minute to an hour away drive away for Friday Night free concerts at the beach a couple weeks ago. I took Sailor Pikachu and he definitely felt right at home near the ocean! <3 I took a lot of pics with the ocean and some boats/pier in the background. Hoping to make another longer beach trip soon~ There are lots of pretty beaches along Highway 1 in the Santa Cruz/Monterey area.

Sailor Pikachu is lonely here on the sand. :( I plan on taking more Pokemon like Vacation/Hawaiian shirt Pikachu, Slowpoke in Pikachu floatie, Dittchchu with ice cream (because there are great ice cream places next in the beach towns XD), Pikakarp/Pikados, Mudkip, and some other water Pokemon. :D One day when I get them rest of the new plushies in. XD I think some of the laying Kuttari would enjoy laying on the beach, haha.

Question time: What Pokemon would you take to the beach?? :3

He's wondering when he'll get to see/be on the boats and go on a ship on off to an adventure again... Thanks to splash for translating the mini story inside the tag! ^^ The sun shines on this bright summer. Pikachu has come from the sea beach park on a walk, and the vastness of the ocean stirred its heart. What kind of world lies on the other side of the horizon?

Well for those who want to go back to summer...

This cute Pika came in a few days ago! I regret not getting it when it was released since it sold out very quickly! This one seems to be the most popular and highly sought/expensive between $45-100... @_@;;

It's wearing the wooden charm from Kissai that I got at Anime Expo back in July and I also got the pin and more from Minjei also at AX.

I also got the charm and pins for my friend fuzzytorchic! We're total artist alley admirers/spenders and love getting all kinds of goods at the artist alley. <3
Check out our matching Raincoat Chu Twins~

There's still Labor Day soon so let's go have some nice plans with family, friends, pets, and Pokemon! :D Hoping I'll go to the beach again this upcoming month and or the Monterey Bay Aquarium. >w<

I am sure next summer will be even more fun with Worlds in my home area! So excited for it to be in San Francisco! >w< It will be wonderful in SF with lots to do and see! Now, I wonder how the plush will look like...

P.S. I updated my sales a little and still doing food pickups~ Will be making a much updated sales post + gets later!!

Thanks for reading!
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