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Amazing nostalgia find! ♡

Hello Pokébabies! ♡

Long time no post!:( I know I havent even commented here much this summer... I have been super busy since I am still at my childhood home taking care of some business. But I have been reading some interesting posts and voted on the banner contest too! I am so happy I'm going back to my place and will have more time to comment on all of the posts I find interesting and cute. :3

Well, I have something super exciting I just had to share with you all!

Since I am at my childhood home going through boxes etc. I found something super important and special I thought was long gone... ♡

This super awesome fluffy darling Psyduck of mine! I have missed him so much! ♡

I. Am. So. Happy.

This is a very special plush to me, because not only is it my very first Pokémon plush ever, it is the very first thing I bought with my very own money, ever! :D I was four years old and that pocket money from chores was piling up... I seriously worked for a year to get the money... xD

I remember there were Pikachus and Meowths there too. I have no idea why I chose Psyduck. I'm not the biggest fan of him even though the adorableness is undeniable. :3

He's not even dirty. Maybe a little dusty and funny smelling, but no stains whatsoever. (I have no idea how this is possible...) A little cleaning session should get rid of the dust and the faint smell. :)

I also found something else...

WARNING! Some people may find this abomination disturbing. :'D

It... It is an... Igglybuff?

Yeah, at least it's supposed to be. XD I made this one as a kid because I wanted more Pokémon plushies but they were quite pricey for a four year old. :D I also though Psyduck was lonely.

"WAIT! I just want to be friends!"

I though my precious fuzzy duck was gone gone gone. ♡ I am so happy to have him back! ; u ;

Thanks for reading! ^^ I hope everyone has a wonderful day. I should be commenting on posts more often soon as well. Can't wait to get more connected with other members of this awesome community.

Lots of love~

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