squidkidjunkie (squidkidjunkie) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Wants + help post. Also introduction.

Hello! Im a new member here, i can go by the name of my username of Kris. I joined in this group because when I young I was greatly into Pokemon, slowly slipped out as I got older and then met my boyfriend and he got me back into playing the games. I then jumped into collecting plushes!
I live in Canada and i find it very hard to find other sellers within Canada. I'm obviously into Pokemon, I also love gaming, drawing, crocheting and anime.
The plush im trying to collect is every plush that has been in their shiny form. I love collecring shiny Pokemon in game and wish to do the plush as well!

Now my wants, etc!

I've been looking around for Canadian sellers that have these items or US sellers that may have them for not as expensive (Because the exchange rate.) As well if someone could let me know what these plushes are going for now that would be amazing!

Perfer Canadian sellers! But will but internationally!
First one is; The Shiny Pikachu Gyarados. (Both plush and key chain.)

Secondly; The Shiny Magikarp Cushion. Im mainly looking to see the prices and who is selling him, as well as who would do a payment plan.
I have the little one but he doesnt have a hang tag, so if its possible to find just the tag please let me know. :)

Thirdly; Im not sure if there is a thing but I'm looking for a offical Pichu hat. Not sure exactly what one. Lol.

Thank you to everyone! Can't wait to get into this group more and meet such great people!
(PS. not sure how to add pictures! Sorry!)
Tags: 1st gen, gyarados, magikarp, pichu, pikachu
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