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Amazing new gets! Pokedolls and Pory...ygonnnn....zzzZZzz

Hi guys! Yes, I've done a lot of gets posts lately I realize that but gahhh I can't not share my excitement you know? I love these all so much!

This community has been wonderful! Big thanks to you all!

And without further ado,
Lets start with the girly kitties!

That's right! A Glameow! I've been looking for this particular kitty for a long time, didn't think I'd get her any time soon when Meowsticwarrior decided to trade her off!

She is so cute, minky with amazing detail! Gah I love her.
She's so... Glamorous!
Huh? What's that?

Meowstic:"Who's this?"
Oops sorry Meowstic I didn't mean to upset you!
Don't become enemies!

Glameow:"Hi, nice to meet you!"

Will they be friends after all?... ^^;

Meowstic:"(Is that eyeshadow *scoff*, in pink? So clichè, who does she think she is?)
Glameow:"(She thinks she is the fashion kitten? get a mirror, dear. And some eyelifts.)

Maybe not... ._.

Hm? One more?

Skitty:"Hiiiiii! I'm so happy! Lets all be bestfriendsies!"

Meowstic:"(Just when I thought it couldnt get any worse... *grump*)
Glameow:"(That is all levels of fashion faux paws. Ugh. Did she walk out of strawberry shortcake?)"

._. Mean snotty pretty kitties are pretty snotty. Well at least Skitty's nice!

I've actually had Meowstic and Skitty for sometime now,
but they wanted to make their debuts! Especially Meowstic.

I have to pick some names for them!

Then, a roar! Is that a dragon?
Of the sea?

Lugia! Or Rugia as it were!

Here she is! I've wanted a Lugia for a pretty long time too! She is also from Meowstic Warrior. ^^

She's in need of a serious bath though....

But so cool!!!

(I LOVE that smirk >:3)

Seriously though, how do you get permanent marker off a plush?

Still love her though ^^. Needs a name too. Thinking of Rugia but not too sure.

And last, but certainly not least!
A semi-grail of mine!
The adorable glitchy pokemon! (That was meant to explore dimensions too!)

Zzzzz....Zzzz... ZzzzZ

Yay! Porygon Z UFO! He's finally here!
Big thanks to Docgerbilsworld for selling him to me!
And special thanks to YellowMudkip for inspiring me to make the jump and get him! He is worth every penny.

SO ADORABLE! X3 My little loony bird! I LOVE HIM XD
I love that he has a headstring and I can shake him with it to mimic its weird movement in-game!

He's one of my first UFO plush ever! And I think that suits him, (even if its just the name and there's no actual ufo catching involved.)

It's so cool to own one of its first plush ever too!
I really liked using Porygon2 in Pokemon stadium so
I've really liked its evo Porygon-Z since gen 4, but always wished its head was.. you know... attached. Problem solved!

A lot of people (or at least those I knew) hated on poor porygon-z because blah blah stuff.
But I always thought it was funny. I became endeared with it when I read its pokedex entries though. And I saw he was made to explore dimensions! Pretty awesome I'd say!

It also made me wonder..
Did they really fail or?.. Is he just processing too many dimensions at once? :O

Porygon-Z: "ZzzzzzZzZZzzz... D-does no-ot...comp..ute.. ZzzZZzzzz"
Look at him, JUST PRECIOUS <3 One of my new faves!

I've named him Porykon-Z. Nothing big but I call it that sometimes.

(Also closest I'll ever be to owning a Porygon-2 plushplush!)

Porygon.exe has crashed

Oh well, he'll be okay in a few.
I need to get his buddy though! Rotom!

Yup! Remember guys,
I will hear offers of items in any condition.

Also, here's my usual wants!

And to a broader point, any of these for cheap:

I also need these:

And these for Halloween:

If you have any of these please let me know!
I'll hear out any offers of these in any condition!
That's all guys! Hope it was fun reading this!
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