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username change & wants

Hi! <3
Just wanted to let everyone know ~ I've changed my username from skittybits to flaaffy! ^-^
I'm surprised it wasn't already taken. I'm planning to start a big flaaffy collection so this username change was a good idea, I think. :)
And with this username change, I have a question! I am trying to obtain sales permission. I had 7 positive feedbacks under skittybit's name and now I have 0. Do I have to start all over?

And wants! I'm looking for a flaaffy kid figure. More wants here: http://flaaffy.livejournal.com/943.html
I cannot spend too much $ for now because I just purchased a luxurious custom flaaffster sculpture hehe! But please take a look anyway. I may be able to buy a few things.

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