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August gets - "Prepare to board !!!"

Hello everyone!

I've recently received the Boston WCS Pikachu and I thought it would be cool to make a Marine crew picture...

Boston Corsair, Yokohama Captain and August Sailor are ready to conquer the seas !!!
Honestly I was a bit scared when I saw the first official pictures because his moustaches seemed like oversized. But in the end they have good proportions and the plush is a hundred times better in real. Even his ham telescope is rather nice ^^
So thanks again revarrie for picking this amazing Chu for me o/

When I received the Monthly Pikachu he came with friends ^^

The Cabin Assistants from Chitose and Kansai, and a Kimono Pika from Oita (rather original compared to all the Pokémon Store Pikachu in work suit haha)

Let's continue with plushies

The very soft Eevee MokoMoko, funny Diglett, and a lot of BW MPCs. They are very nice and I love many of them (Desukan, Darumaka, Stunfisk, Krokorok... ^^). It's just too bad that Mienfoo lost his nose :(
And hidden in the pile is Litwick LED lamp, the ultimate one I was missing.
But we need night to reveal his beauty :)

I couldn't resist to some of the newest releases.

Totodile is so cute! It seems to want to hug you :3
And of course I bought the marvellous Ninetales *O* This plush is stunning with its royal air.

I also got old Super DX plushies

They are awesome !!! First because the idea of a 2in1 plush is pretty cool, but in addition they are really beautiful (especially Skiploom, my favorite :3 but I'm also in love with Chikorita's leaf xD). And the quality is great too. So now I need to find my Totodile *-*

Let's see some Misc. now

These tiny Tomy plushies from Movie 5th are really original.
Then some Shiny items: Mega Metagross & Daigo clear file, Rayquaza Nobunaga's Ambition postcard and Promo card.
And a really cute Pokémon Time postcard. Besides I had an empty frame at home so I decided to put it inside...

Or rather put them since there are two parts. Thus I was surprised to discover an unexpected Machop x)

Some bags and stickers

I love the Pokémon Center Tokyo logo, with Charmander and Poliwhirl <3

As you may have noticed, I love Shiny Pokémon ^^
So I bought some Tretta and the very beautiful and useful Red Gyarados file :)

Also, I was lucky to find an auction with the whole set of Hiroshima keychains.

Very cute :3 My favorite is the one with the Train, so lovely <3

And finally I purchased a Bromide box because the cards highlight two of my favorite Pokémon: Hoopa and Shiny Mega Rayquaza <3

To finish this post here are some group pictures o/

My Grass/Bug plushies

My Pets plushies (yes wolves and lions are pets haha)

And let's end with the Substitute family portrait since I received the 60cm one <3

Thank you for reading :3

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