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Hi, I'm a multipurpose post

I've been doing some Christmas shopping, so the Raichu update is quite small this time:

I bought some presents - which I won't be showing because I don't want to spoil the surprise - from pheonixxfoxx and look what she sent me as freebie: a lovely Raichu drawing (really neat lineart!), a sticker sheet with Raichu (see the bottom corner in the right) and a Meganium Kid card! Yes, I do have a secret love for Chikorita line although I don't collect them very actively (the same with Eeveelutions). That was some Christmas spirit, thank you!

A really lucky find: official Raichu bottlecap from Thailand that cost only about 4 dollars shipped. I purchased it from a German seller (auf Deutsch, natürlich) that had several Pokémon bottlecaps for sale on eBay.

Then, a small meme to brighten up your day: take a photo of what can be seen from your window right now and make it look like your plush (or figure, if you'd like) was looking outside. Here's an example:

Try not to be disturbed by my poor photographic skills. This was the clearest one, believe it or not.

The idea came from carolina_suikun's collection post.

Also, if someone's bought anything from me (or sold something to me) and haven't yet received feedback, please feel free to post here about it. I'm a bit forgetful with feedback sometimes. ^^*
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