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I'll have a proper collection update when I go back home from Thanksgiving. Zachsparkle, your Metagross will be shipped out Monday, sorry for the huge delay. All other packs are on their way :) so since I'm home, I went through my pokestuffs and founf some items I wouldn't mind parting with. As these are from my personal collection, the prices might seem high since I'm attached ^^; don't be afraid to haggle. Also, I DO accept trades. Mainly any chou getto I don't have, Pichu items, Regigigas Pokedoll, Mismagius pokedoll, Togekiss stuff, and such. Don't be afraid to offer :)

None of these items have been in any of my previous sales, so this is all new merch :o


saleteimyoya015.jpg picture by Twilmer

Mudkip: 18.00 OBO it has hang tag, but not attached ^^;, Chansey reverse pokeball: 2.00, Squirtle Applause plush with pokeball: 6.00, Lotad Hasbro with tush tag: 8.00 OBO

saleteimyoya016.jpg picture by Twilmer

This guy I'm not sure if I want to part with. Hasbro Gligar with Tushtag, almost mint condition. Make an offer.

saleteimyoya017.jpg picture by Twilmer

Jiggly and Clefairy work: 6.00 each, Chika's leaf no longer spins: 5.00 (on hold), Mew BK figure with pink sphere: 2.00, Clefairy Calculator (I dunno if it works or not) 3.00, Charmander figure: 2.00 (on hold), Magikarp water toy: 1.00, Mew (works very well) 8.00 OBO

saleteimyoya018.jpg picture by Twilmer

All figures 0.50 each, Guilmon, Wigglytuff, Ivysaur, Raidramon  sold Lapras on hold

saleteimyoya019.jpg picture by Twilmer

Bulba line Tomys: 5.00 OBO

saleteimyoya020.jpg picture by Twilmer

Glass marble: 0.50 each, 3 for 1.00, Paras, Mew sold


saleteimyoya021.jpg picture by Twilmer

reverse holos, 0.50 each and 3 for 1.00
All sold save Makuhita, SPinerak, Hariyama, Machamp

saleteimyoya022.jpg picture by Twilmer

Top row promos: 1.00 each
Light Jolteon: 1.00, Altaria ex: 2.00, Turtwig BK promo (sorry, flash) 0.50, Marril Promo: 0.50 (slight bend)


saleteimyoya023.jpg picture by Twilmer

Blastoise, Skarmory, Machamp, Golem: 1.00 each, Sabrina and Brock: 1.00 each, Gardevoir: 2.00, Magmortar: 3.00

saleteimyoya024.jpg picture by Twilmer

everthing here is 0.50 each, only Azumarill available

saleteimyoya025.jpg picture by Twilmer

old holos: 1.00 each, Unown A, Venomoth, Clefable, Haunter, Mr. Mime, Mewtwo, Crobat sold

That's it for now :) don't forget I haggle and trade ^^
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