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Cards for trade (or sale)

Hello everyone! Now that I'm finally settled back into campus, I feel like trading pokemon cards! I even took the time to take scans of all my available cards! I have many cards, including non-English ones, from the base set to current sets, and pokemon from 1st gen to 6th gen. Take a look if you're interested!

Warning: There are lots of pictures!! Like nearly 150 of them... Make sure your internet is in good condition before opening the cut~ (>w<)

- Sales permission granted on September 19, 2014 by entirelycliched.
- My feedback:
- I ship from MI, USA, and I can ship worldwide.
- I ship my cards in penny sleeves inside a hard case inside an envelope.
- I cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged items after they are in the hands of the post office.
- I have the right to refuse to deal with banned members or people I don't feel comfortable dealing with.
- Please be patient with me as I can sometimes be slow with replies/shipping depending on what I am doing at that time.
- Please make sure you ask about the condition of my cards if you are worried about that sort of thing!!! If you don't, I will assume you are okay with any condition. My older cards, especially, may have some edgewear, small creases, etc.
- I have multiples of some cards, so ask if you want more than one of a card.
- I can sell any of these cards as well. Just make an offer, or ask for pricing.
- I also have lots of energy cards not pictured here that I can trade/sell.
- Click on a picture to see a bigger one.
- I am only interested in trading or selling now, not buying.
- It would be easiest for me if you would could provide a picture of your cards for our trade.

My eeveelution card wants are here:

My non-eeveelution card wants are here:

I will also trade for eeveelution flats I don't have, items from my wants list, or Japanese Hamtaro trading cards!

Gone: venusaur
Gone:bottom left metapod, bottom right weedle
Gone: top left weedle, middle left weedle, middle middle weedle, bottom left kakuna, bottom middle kakuna
Gone: pidgeotto
Gone: top middle rattata
Gone: top left spearow, bottom row pikachus
Gone: top right pikachu, both raichus, bottom middle sandshrew
Gone: top left nidoqueen, bottom middle clefairy
Gone: top right jigglypuff, middle middle jigglypuff, wigglytuff
Gone: top right zubat, all middle row zubats
Gone: top middle golbat, top right golbat, bottom right oddish
Gone: bottom left paras, bottom middle parasect
Gone: bottom middle dugtrio
Gone: top right meowth, middle right persian
Gone: golduck, middle left mankey, middle middle mankey, bottom right growlithe
Gone: top left growlithe, top right growlithe, middle middle poliwag, bottom right poliwhirl
Gone: bottom right golem
Gone: rapidash, bottom middle slowpoke, bottom right slowpoke
Gone: top left slowpoke, middle right magnemite
Gone: top left farfetch'd, top right farfetch'd
Gone: top right seel, bottom left grimer
Gone: middle middle onix, bottom middle drowzee
Gone: top middle electrode, bottom left cubone, hitmonchan
Gone: bottom right koffing
Gone: bottom right chansey
Gone: top left chansey
Gone: middle middle horsea
Gone: both staryu, middle middle starmie, mr. mime, bottom right scyther
Gone: middle right electabuzz, bottom middle electabuzz
Gone: middle left magmar
Gone: top left tauros, bottom middle lapras, ditto
Gone: top middle eevee, middle right eevee
Gone: middle left kabuto, kabutops, bottom middle snorlax
Gone: top middle dragonair, top right dragonair, middle middle dragonite
Gone: meganium, cyndaquil, top right quilava, middle middle totodile, middle right totodile, bottom left totodile
Gone: croconaw
Gone: top middle ledyba
Gone: top right spinarak
Gone: top middle igglybuff, middle left igglybuff, bottom right togetic
Gone: top middle natu, middle right xatu, bottom right mareep
Gone: top left mareep, top middle flaaffy, top right flaaffy, middle right bellossom
Gone: bottom right skiploom
Gone: middle middle aipom
Gone: top right wooper, middle right quagsire, bottom middle umbreon
Gone: top left murkrow, middle left slowking, middle right misdreavus
Gone: top middle unown, top right unown, middle left unown, wobbuffett, middle right girafarig
Gone: middle left forretress, middle right dunsparce, bottom right gligar
Gone: top left gligar, top right snubble, middle left snubble, bottom left granbull
Gone: top right quilfish, top middle quilfish, middle left sneasel
Gone: piloswine
Gone: top left remoraid, bottom middle houndour
Gone: all houndooms
Gone: bottom middle pupitar, bottom right pupitar
Gone: top right, middle left, middle right, bottom left, and bottom middle treecko
Gone: top middle treecko, sceptile
Gone: bottom left mudkip, marshtomp
Gone: top right poochyena, all poochyenas in the middle row
Gone: top middle mightyena, top right mightyena
Gone: bottom left seedot, bottom right seedot
Gone: bottom middle taillow
Gone: top left swellow
Gone: top middle gardevoir
Gone: top middle nincada, shedinja
Gone: all sableye
Gone: middle left lairon, middle middle lairon
Gone: top middle, top right, middle left, middle middle, bottom left, and bottom middle electrike
Gone: top left manectric, top right plusle, middle left plusle, middle right minun, bottom middle minun
Gone: middle right illumise, bottom right roselia
Gone: top left roselia, bottom right carvanha
Gone: wailord, bottom row numels
Gone: top right camerupt, bottom right trapinch
Gone: top right trapinch, bottom right vibrava
Gone: bottom left swablu, bottom middle swablu
Gone: bottom right whiscash
Gone: middle right baltoy
Gone: top middle kecleon, middle left shuppet
Gone: bottom left tropius, bottom right wynaut
Gone: top right sealeo, middle left sealeo, middle right walrein, relicanth
Gone: bottom middle metagross
Gone: latios, bottom left grotle, monferno
Gone: bottom left empoleon, bottom middle empoleon
Gone: top left starly, middle left staravia, middle middle staravia, bottom left bidoof
Gone: top left bidoof, bibarel, middle left kricketot, bottom right shinx
Gone: top left shinx
Gone: top right roserade, cranidos, plant cloak burmy
Gone: top left combee, top middle pachirisu, both buizels, bottom middle floatzel
Gone: all 3 floatzels, middle left cherubi, bottom left cherrim
Gone: top right buneary, middle left buneary, middle right lopunny, mismageus
Gone: bottom middle bronzong
Gone: middle left happiny, spiritomb, munchlax
Gone: top left riolu, both lucarios, hippopotas, hippowdon, bottom right drapion
Gone: middle left croagunk, bottom right weavile
Gone: top row magmortars, togekiss, mamoswine, bottom right probopass
Gone: top left probopass, top middle snivy, middle serperior, middle right tepig, bottom right pignite
Gone: top left pignite, both emboar, dewott, middle left oshawott
Gone: middle left lillipup, middle middle lillipup, bottom middle stoutland
Gone: middle left simisage
Gone: munna, musharna
Gone: unfezant
Gone: top right timburr, bottom right tympole
Gone: middle left palpitoad, middle right seismitoad
Gone: krookodile
Gone: bottom right minccino
Gone: gothitelle
Gone: emolga
Gone: top right joltik
Gone: bottom left lampent
Gone: top middle golett, top right golurk, middle left golurk, bottom middle bisharp
Gone: hydreigon
Gone: middle middle froakie, middle right froakie, frogadier
Gone: fletchling, bottom left furfrou
Gone: top middle honedge, tyrunt
Gone: kyurem ex, full art camerupt ex, m rayquaza ex
Gone: top right pokemon comm.
Gone: top right xtransceiver
Gone: top left magma pointer
Gone: focus sash, bottom left rocky helmet
Gone: top middle full heal, plus power
Gone: top middle poke ball, level ball
Gone: TM's secret base

Cards from my collection that I wouldn't mind trading for the right offer (i.e. eeveelution cards):
Gone: top middle sandslash
Gone: middle left dragonite

Edit: More cards for trade
Gone: dragonite, totodile, togetic, bottom right skarmory
Gone:middle left mudkip
Gone: middle middle exploud, bottom right illumise
Gone: top left gulpin
Gone: middle left bronzong
Gone: Steven, Wally
Gone: top right marowak
Gone: wobbuffet
Gone: top middle swampert
Gone: bottom right clamperl
Gone: metagross, regice, aggron ex
Gone: M gallade ex, cresselia, regigigas, simipour
Gone: karrablast, bottom right elgyem
Gone: top left beehyem, both meloetta
Gone: black kyurem, quilladin
Gone: florges, noivern break
Gone: paint roller

Forgot to scan these cards. Mewtwo is a prize from the 2000 Japan JR train stamp rally, but it is exactly the same as the English Blackstar 12 promo. The eeveelution cards are Spanish.

Thank you for looking!
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