Naykomii (naykomii) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Wild Poke Kids appeared!

Yes... It's true. :D I finally won a poke kid lot. *dances*
I'm keeping a bunch, some are going to friends and the rest I am going to sell on here. :3
There were two peeps I talked to before who were interested in a few of them when I mentioned bidding?
=( Please post if it was you! *has bad memory*

So here is the lot I won. :D

And here is a better shot:

And as promised in the chat... I would take pictures when I win a lot. xD

Me... Rolling in them 8D <33
(Surprisingly didn't hurt, haha.)

I will be cleaning them up and putting the ones that me and my friends don't keep up for sale. ^_^ Keep an eye out. <3 Should be up in a few days. *nods*

Thanks for looking!

Tags: kids
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