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Updated TOMY sales

I recently got more figures from Japan and I'm selling all my extras. A big collection update will be coming soon ^_^

this sales post is picture heavy


·         I received sales permission from entirelycliched in 2013.
·         Here is my feedback:
·         I ship from the Netherlands and will ship internationally. I accept PayPal only. Please include your username and what you bought in the note. And don’t forget your address.
·         I am not responsible for items lost in the mail and I do not do refunds, unless there is something wrong with your items that is MY fault.
·         TRACKING is not obliged for totals (excl. shipping and paypal fees) under $100. For totals above $100 you are obliged to pay for tracking. For totals under $100 it is your OWN RESPONSIBILITY. Again, I do not refund you if you do not receive your items within a month or so.
·         Please, let me know if you want your package to be insured.
·         I will let you know when I shipped your figure(s).
·         PLEASE let me know if you are committed in buying or if you’re just asking for a quote. If you don’t say you are committed or ask if I want to hold any items for you, the items will stay available for others.
·         I will hold items for 48 hours when asked. I can also hold them longer but then you have to be sure are committed in buying, otherwise I will have to leave negative feedback.
·         Prices are in USD and do not include shipping or PayPal fees.
·         At the moment I don't accept haggling
·         Please, ask if you want to see more pictures.
·         I always lower the stated value of packages to avoid custom fees for the buyer (under $20). If you don’t want me to lower the stated value, please let me know.
·         You might see some of the same figures in different pictures, which means that the cheaper one is in worse condition.
·         Some figures may be damaged. Please ask if you're concerned. I can take more pictures if you want :)
·         If you are interested in some figures, comment below with the name of the picture and the name of the pokemon you'd like to have (example: Picture 2: Plusle and Minun). This makes things easier and quicker.

If you break any of these rules, you could be BANNED from my sales and receive negative feedback.

IMPORTANT: Information regarding shipping

Shipping starts at $2.50 for small items. Anything that is smaller than 3.2 centimeters will fit in a bubble mailer. This counts for most Tomy figures. Bigger items have to be shipped in a box. This is a shipping rule in my country because packages smaller than 3.2 centimeters will fit through the letterbox.

TRACKING (for packages under 2KG)
Within Europe:                 Items that fit in a bubblemailer: $13.50
                                         Items that will be shipped in a box: $15.50 (Eurozone 1) or $21.90 (Eurozone 2)
Please let me know in what country/Island you live, so I can tell you in which zone you are and how much shipping would be for you.
Outside of Europe:           Items that fit in a bubblemailer: $18.95
                                         Items that will be shipped in a box: $28.50

TOMY figures

Picture 1: $3 each
Sold: Alakazam 1x, Poliwrath 1x, Darkrai 1x, Munchlax 1x, Electivire 1x, Pichu (notch ear), Wartortle (new) 1x, Hoppip, Minun, Jumpluff, Mantyke, Poliwhirl 1x, Samurott, Serperior, Pignite 1x, Emboar 1x, Ambipom 1x, Munna, Kricketot, Kricketune, Buizel 1x, Salamance 1x, Charizard 1x, Charmeleon 1x, Wartortle old 1x, Typhlosion 1x

Picture 2: $4 each
Note: One Latios (sold) and Latias are matte versions
Sold: Cleffa, Starly, Latios 1x, Igglybuff, Deoxys, Tropius 1x, Staravia 1x, Sentret, Uxie 1x, Mesprit, Tornadus, Thundurus 1x, Landorus 1x, Meloetta (green), Flareon, Blastoise old

Picture 3: $5 each
Sold: Spheal, Cranidos 1x, Houndoom, Aggron 1x, Slaking, Piplup 1x, Elekid, Smoochum, Kobchoo, Beartic, Shaymin, Sewaddle, Spiritomb, Foongus, Shinx, Flygon, Togekiss, Heracross, Wobbuffet, Deoxys Defence and Attack 1x

Picture 4: $8 each
Sold: Lopunny, Chimchar, Arcanine, Furret, Skarmory, Azelf, Aipom 1x

Picture 5: $10 each
Note: Mantine is missing the Remoraid piece
Sold: Granbull, Sudowoodo, Muk 1x, Scizor 2x

Picture 6: $15 each
Sold: Zigzagoon, Torkoal, Donphan 1x, Rhyhorn, Rhydon 1x, Rayquaza

Picture 7: Houndour $18, Corphish $18, Manectric $20, Flaaffy (2x) $18, Larvitar $20

Picture 8: Larvitar $25, Tyranitar $22, Sneasel $25, Shiny/Red Gyarados $25

Picture 9: Sleeping Chimchar $32, Beautifly $33, Porygon2 $35, Politoed $36, Kingdra (left one is dirty, I cleaned it with soap as much as I could, but I think it needs something stronger, like magic eraser, but it's otherwise in good condition) $50 (right one, good/near mint condition) $75

Picture 10 (pearly figures):
Torterra $3
Infernape $3
Empoleon $3
Dialga $5
Palkia $5
Shaymin land forme $10
Shaymin sky forme $10
Giratina $4
Latios $16
Pikachu running $4 (1 sold)
Pikachu standing $5
Darkrai $8

Picture 11 (clear figures):
Palkia $5
Dialga $5
Regigigas $5 (2 sold)
Shaymin land forme (without sparkles) $12
Shaymin land forme (with sparkles) $12
Shaymin sky forme $10
Bulbasaur $5
Kyogre $20
Kyogre alternative pose $20
Groudon (with red base) $35
Groudon (dark red) $20
Groudon (light red) $20
Rayquaza $15
Deoxys (with base) $10
Deoxys (no base) $6
Regice $20
Manaphy $12
Jirachi (without sparkles) $15
Jirachi (with sparkles) (2x) $10
Lucario $15
Celebi $20
Darkrai $15
Mime Jr. $20
Arceus (with sparkles) $10
Arceus (without sparkles) $10
Munchlax $10
Zorua $12
Zoruark $15
Chatot $8
Buizel $10
Mantyke $10
Waeavile (one tailpiece missing) $6
Treecko $35
Sleeping Piplup $30
Pikachu waving $8
Pikachu standing $10
Pikachu running $10
Sleeping Pikachu $38
Pichu $13
Giratina origin forme $15
Giratina Altered forme $15

Picture 12 (big figures, hyper/super size figures, megas):
Big Blastoise $5
Big Venusaur $5
Big Ho-oh $5
Primal Groudon $4
Xerneas $4
Blastoise $4
Mega Blastoise $4
Mega Charizard X $4
Genesect $3
Kyogre $4
Mega Metagross $5
Mega Garchomp $5
Mewtwo $3
Mega Mawile $5
Arceus $4
Mega Swampert $4
Mega Banette $4

Picture 13 (MIP figures):
Lanturn $28, Skiploom $12, Jumpluff $15, Murkrow $20, Slowking $12, Pineco $12, Snubbel $5, Qwilfish $30, Piloswine, Stantler $15, Tyrogue $20,Smoochum, Miltank $15, Pupitar $15

Picture 14 (MIP figures):
Nuzleaf $13, Pelipper $15, Whismur $10, Loudred $20, Delcatty $28, Medicham $14, Manectric $40, Volbeat $8, Castform, Banette, Snorunt $15

Picture 15 (MIP figures):
Ivysaur $5, Shieldon $5, Lickilicky $5, Staraptor $6, Blastoise $5, Grotle $4, Kricketune $6, Mew $4, Hippopotas $6, Piplup $4, Yanmega $10 (package is broken, but figure is still sealed), Togekiss $10
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