zora_star (zora_star) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Hey SF Bay Area - Round1 Arcade is open!!

Round1 arcade is an awesome awesome Japanese arcade (with bowling, karaoke and more stuff) that I briefly mentioned in my last gets post. I first discovered it this summer in City of Industry, with lots of Japanese arcade machines and tons of Japanese-based prizes from tickets, including Pokemon! That location had BW Tomys (with the spinner things) and a crane game with BW Tomy plush. These crane games too are also Japanese, thus POSSIBLE to beat!!

Anyhow, one just opened in Eastridge Mall in San Jose and I went last night - best Pokemon selection yet!! No crane game prizes with them, but here's a list of prizes that they had (sorry didn't get any pics!)

-BW Tomys (175 tickets - cheaper than CoI >_>)
-Hawlucha Tomy plush
-Pikachu and Klefki movie plush
-set of 6 Mega evolution super-sized Tomy figures
-electronic large Mega figures (I think they roar?) - Mega Lucario, Charizard X, Y
-small Pikachu prize plush (not sure who makes them, but those cheaper carnival plush ones)

I picked up more Tomys last night and yeah it's pretty awesome :) Pretty decent set of Pokemon stuff too, so figured I should make a post on it for people who haven't yet heard of this place yet. 
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