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Calling all Tomy sellers!

I've been neglecting my poor Tomy figure collection recently, so I thought I'd post my wants list here! :) I collect Tomy figures from gens 1, 2 and 3. I completed my gen 1 collection (although still a bit unsure about the legitimacy of my Cloyster figure! :/) and now only have a few figures from gens 2 and 3 until I've completed those gens as well! :)

2nd Gen:
- Crocanaw
- Noctowl
- Politoed
- Corsola
- Kingdra
- Porygon 2
- Crobat
- Mantine
- Macargo
- Misdreavus
- Dunsparce
- Stantler

3rd Gen:
- Pelipper
- Breloom
- Whismur
- Mawile (old version)
- Meditite
- Electrike
- Vibrava
- Zangoose
- Crawdaunt
- Glalie
- Deoxys (defence form)

Of all these figures, my biggest wants are Noctowl from gen 2, and Breloom and Crawdaunt from gen 3.
I'm also looking for the Wrumple candy figure, and the clefairy pokedoll tomy figure! :) Please let me know if you're selling any of these figures! Shipping will be to UK! :) Thanks! ^-^
Tags: breloom, crawdaunt, noctowl, tomy, wants
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