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So its been an incredibly long time since I did a legit sort of collection update here!  Being disabled and without steady income for years can put a real hatchet in your collecting, but I'm still going strong as I can!

I wanted to make this post specifically because this year I was able to get the only real grail I've had beyond the Koga Prototype TFG figure!

So as a reminder I'm Rye!  My main collection and the one I'm sharing today is Aerodactyl!  Aerodactyl has been my favorite pokemon since childhood and I never play a game without one!  My other collections are primarily bats, snakes, and prehistoric pokemon.

So today I wanted to share my current displays!  These are not my complete Aerodactyl collection as I just do not have room or a proper set up for it all right now, but here is whats out!


This would be my behind glass cabinet of Dactyl figures!  Unfortunately I quickly ran out of room with this haha OOPS

On top of the figure case sits my favorite of my many Aerodactyl models, as well as my Burger King plushes, and variously colored box keychain dactyls from back in the 90s.  The one on the bottom right I got when I was a kid 17 years ago!

no title

Here we have my mass Dactyl coins and my complete collection of Aerodactyl marbles!

And then there is my wall display of small flats!  Again this got filled up immediately and I still have more flats and stickers to display! Gotta find another option.  But this also displays one of my fav gets this year, and thats the copper Aerodactyl coin!!! All nice and minty in its case, which was sold to me by a user here and Ill never stop being so greatful!

Of course we have the aerodactyl charms from all 3 releases that had Aerodactyl!  These ones being the ones I don't wear/use!

As well we have my special framed wall displays!  I put these together of my 2 Settei, my unopened Aerodactyl packs, and a copy of the Nintendo Power Pokemon Power insert I loved to shreds of a kid, complete with my favorite vintage Aerodactyl art!  This is another 17 year old treasure of mine, I can't imagine trying to track down another.

Now finally onto my grail I was able to pick up this year with many thanks to Aruux!!   You may have already spotted it above if you know me...

CLEAR AERODACTYL KID!!!  I've been hunting for this kid for the better part of 8 years and had basically given up the hunt for such an old obscure kid, especially when I lacked the funds to use Y!Japan, so I'm incredibly happy to finally have my one Aerodactyl grail!  I know it seems small, but this kid is really the world to me <3

Well that sums up what I have on display!  Not pictured is my complete collection of at least 1+ version of ever official TCG Aerodactyl card, a whole bunch of flats, stickers, and non TCG cards, Official and fanmade Aerodactyl shirts, Awkward pieces that don't fit anywhere, and a huge slew of customs, and then probably other stuff I'm forgetting haha

In other news, I took a photo of all my seviper figures!

One of these things is not like the others, one of these things... should probably run

Finally, ON TO THE WANTS!!!

I am always on the look out for Aerodactyl figures I do not have!  If you have say a metal or rubber figure or stamper in a colour I don't have, consider me interested!  Or even any other figure I may have missed somewhere!


GOLD + COPPER METAL MEGA AERODACTYL (got outbid last second on an auction QQ)

Metal Seviper figures in ANY COLOUR!!!

Metal Aerodactyl figures in colours I don't have!

Any Seviper Figure I am missing

Rubber Aerodactyl figures in colours I don't have!

Metal Aerodactyl coins in colours I don't have!

Aerodactyl customs!!! ((No flats please!))

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