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New 'Gets' Post!

Hello everyone! I have added a few new things from eBay, here, and Dragoncon in Atlanta this weekend so I thought I would share! :D

Pikazard plushie from Japan! The seller sent me tracking info, which was awesome because tracking numbers are one of the things I like to fixate on and I had never had one from Japan before. Banpresto Dedenne came from Dragoncon today! I saw more bootleg plush than real though. :< Dedenne was a great price and is sooooo huge! I have one on my AS game that I trained to Level 100 so I knew I wanted a Dedenne plushie at some point.

Darkrai Attack Kid XY (SO AWESOME-- See Sticker below) and Dr. Pikachu Charm (Does anyone know of other Dr. Pikachu merch besides the plushie? I have that of course!)

Darkrai XY TCG Promo :)

Snorlax sticker attached to some gross gum lol

I love the tags on the new Pokemon Center plushies. <3 Unfortunately the Dedenne tag is boring. :/

I also found these mint VIZ comics in my Dad's office. :D Guess he bought them for me ages ago and forgot about them hehe.

This was my first cosplay! I think it turned out pretty good. :D I let Mini!Vader borrow my saber for the shot lol.

There's more on the way (including a clear box of Kids from 1998 with Surfing Pikachu!) but I don't like doing massive update posts. n_n;;

Thanks for reading!
Tags: darkrai, dedenne, gets, pikachu, snorlax
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