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Speedy Mega Blok GA Payment #3 and some sales!

Final Payment for the Speedy Mega Blok GA is ready! :)

There are a few people I'm missing payment #2 from... Please check the spreadsheet!(If I don't have you marked for payment 2 and you sent it, please comment here and let me know so I can look into it.)

**magmanerd** I need your zip to calculate the total. USPS changed and now I can't calculate totals to Canada without it.

Spread Sheet Link:

EXTRAS from this GA are available to all Community members for $0.25 each. All money earned from these will go towards packaging materials.

Payments will go to
I will be using your address attached to the PayPal payment, so please make sure you choose the correct shipping address!
For GA participants, Note/memo with payment should state: "username - Speedy Mega Blok GA Pmnt #3"
Please comment on this post when you have sent payment.


Sales permission granted on 9/24/13 by allinia
My feedback page is here:
My eBay feedback page is here:
*~ All PKMNcollectors rules apply.
*~ Everything comes as seen in the photos. The items in the photos are the exact items that I am selling(unless it is a stock photo). - What you see is what you get. Use your own judgement when it comes to used items
*~ PLEASE DO NOT EDIT YOUR COMMENTS! If you need to make a correction, just reply to your own thread.
*~ Please make it clear if you are asking for a Quote or are Committed. If you ask for a quote and someone else commits(either before or after you post) the person committing gets priority.
*~ I reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone, including those who aren't a member of pkmncollectors, have been banned from the community, or have negative feedback.
*~ I do not accept offers via PM.
*~ I only accept Paypal. (Paypal fees will be added on to all orders when total is given)
*~ All prices are in USD and do not include shipping* (*unless otherwise stated)
*~ Backing out of a sale that has been agreed upon will result in negative feedback.
*~ Only ask for quotes if you are seriously interested in an item.

*~ Domestic shipping starts at $3 and all domestic orders will have a tracking number.* (unless shipped as a flat)
*~ International shipping starts at $7(no tracking). You can get a tracking number at an additional cost(it is NOT cheap).
*~ If an item is small/flat enough, I can ship in a regular envelope starting at $0.50 - Domestic and $2.30 - International.
*~ Once an item leaves my possession, I am no longer responsible for lost or damaged items. If you are concerned with this, please request a shipping quote with insurance/tracking.
*~ I will hold on to receipts/Customs form copies for no more than 2 months. If you need a copy, please inquire.

I have kinda been out of the loop with sales, so if prices seem too high, please let me know.(Also have links to prove prices are different than what I've listed)
Prices are below pictures

JP Mega Mawile - MWT - $32 SOLD
JP Petit Mawile - MWT - $10 each
JP Petit Drifloon - MWT - $10 each
JP Petit Drifloon - TTO - $8
JP ILG Weavile - MWT - $13 each *One SOLD
JP ILG Gengar Plush - MWT - $30 SOLD
JP ILG Gengar Pillow - MWT - $45 SOLD
JP Petit Gengar - MWT - $10
JP Purloin MPC - MWT - $5
JP Peeking Banette - MWT - $15 SOLD
JP Pumkaboo MPC Blue Tag(in packaging) - MWT - $25
JP Pumkaboo MPC Red Tag - MWT - $25
JP Pumpkaboo We Are Team Rocket(medium size one in pic) - TTO - $18SOLD
JP Pumpkaboo Banpresto (Largest one in pic) - MWT - $40 OBO

JP ILP in my Room Plush - MWT - $60 OBO
JP PC Mudkip - MWT - $15
JP Mega Gardevoir - MWT - $32
JP Monthly Pikachu - MWT - $28
JP Growlithe - MWT - $28 SOLD
JP Shiny Magikarp - TTO - $25 SOLD
JP Shelmet MPC - MWT - $5
JP Substitute Keychain - MWT - $15
All of the rest are JP Petit and MWT - $10 each
SOLD Petits: Altaria, Wailord x1,

NA Jigglypuff Amiibo - $18 each (Plastic on top of each has slight denting) listed on eBay now (
Custom Shiny Ponyta and Regular Ponyta w/Masterball - $22 for the set(not splitting unless interest in both)
JP Meowth We Are Team Rocket Balloon Pillow - TTO - $12 SOLD
Unknown Pikachu Hat - Used - $2 or free* with any purchase of $10 or more (*may increase price of shipping)

JP PC - TTO(one on left) - $10
JP PC - MWT - $15
JP Face Coin Purse - MWT - $20
JP 2009 Face Pillow - MWT - $30
JP 2013 1:1 - MWT* - $35 (*Hang tag has creases)
JP Peeking Plush - MWT - $15
JP ILE in my Room Curtain Holders - MWT - $15 each
JP Chibi (forogt the name) - MWT- $12
JP TOMY - MWT - $12
JP Sitting "Trick Pose" - MWT - $12

JP TOMY Flareon - MWT - $12
JP PC Flareon - MWT - $15

JP Sitting "Trick Pose" Vaporeon - MWT - $16SOLD
JP Chibi (forogt the name) Vaporeon - MWT- $20SOLD

JP Minky Jolteon Pokedoll - TTO - $20SOLD
JP TOMY Jolteon - MWT - $12
JP ILE Jolteon DX - MWT* - $18 (*creases in tag)SOLD
JP Mini Jolteon Pokedoll - MIP - $15

JP PC Espeon - MWT - $16
JP Banpresto Espeon - MWT - $12

JP PC Umbreon - MWT - $16
JP Banpresto Umbreon - MWT - $15

US TOMY Leafeon - MWT - $12
JP Sitting "Trick Pose" Leafeon - MWT - $14
JP Chibi (forogt the name) Leafeon - TTO- $12

JP PC Glaceon - MWT - $15
JP Sitting "Trick Pose" Glaceon - MWT - $14
JP Chibi (forogt the name) Glaceon - MWT- $14
JP Hanging Glaceon Strap Plush - MWT - $18 each

JP Sylveon Pokedoll - TTO - $15
JP Sylveon MPC - NO TAGS(TT was cut) - $10

JP Banpresto Trump Card Pouches
Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon - $8
Leafeon and Glaceon - $8

JP PC Life Size Fennekin - MIP/MWT - $60

Charizard Lego/Mega Blok?(on the left) - $20 OBO
Talking Charizard. Still works! (on the right) - $20 OBO
Pancham Ionix Playset - $5 OBO
Eevee Mega Blok - $8 OBO
Jolteon and Flareon Mega Blok - $10 each OBO

Bottom of the Charizards and Bulbasaur

Mewtwo - $15 OBO
Kyogre - $15 OBO
Charizard - $10 each OBO
Bulbasaur - $10 OBO
Zekrom - $1 or free with $20 purchase.

Roller Ball Figures
$6 each OBO


Again, please understand these are bootlegged items.
Nendoroid - $30
Eevee Nano Block - $8 each
Tags: group auction, sales
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