supairo (supairo) wrote in pkmncollectors,

On the look out for this final cutie/Want me to look for something?

I want to make one more purchase before I slow down and start saving up for a new car. I'm looking for a mini grail, a jolteon pokedoll (minky release) this pokedoll has been eluding me for far too long ;; at this point, I dont really care if the plush has hang tags, i just want the plushie to be in good condition!
I apologize for all the wants posts! once i get a better quality camera I'll post my collection :)

I'll also be heading up north to a pretty huge Toys R Us (as well as a mall, for hot topic/spencer's/f.y.e. specifically) and if you'd like me to search for something, feel free to ask! I can look to see if they finally have the merch you want, or I can take photos of/check something for you!
Tags: wants
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