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Chain's Collection Update 2015 - Part 1 of 3

So I figured that it's finally time to get my second collection update rolling. I've split this into two parts - the first part will focus only on my normal Pokédolls, and the second part will feature everything else. The second part will come later though as I want to get something in first before taking photos.

So presenting my Pokédoll collection::

DSC00240 - 500px.png

So first thing you should know, and it's actually something I only realised as I was taking them out, is that every single plush has their hang tag attached! This is probably what a MWT plush collection should look like, lol. So much crowding and balancing with tags underneath them. Of course, this isn't all the Pokédolls that have been released, there are some I didn't include in this picture and a lot that I never bothered to buy. So I can safely say that this is the peak of my Pokédoll collection.

Welcome to Pokédoll Heaven!!! This is the accumulation of more than 2 years of hard work and determination. I'm sure Pokédoll collectors would agree when I say that this is not something that can be accomplished so easily. It required patience (a LOT of patience!) and, for me, knowing how best to manage your finances when you know quite a lot of these are in the triple digits range!

So first up, we have some of the grass type starters, along with some blue coloured Pokémon. I was going to arrange them by colour, but after I found that so many had trouble standing upright, I just got lazy and made a mess instead xD Also, all Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn starters seen are the 10th anniversary versions so they're all minky.

Look at Poliwhirl lending Butterfree his shoulder to sit on! And Pachirisu is helping Latios to stand up with his tail! Maybe I'll try that if I ever get a DX Pachirisu :P

Here is a nice assortment of Pokémon from each gen. I actually wanted Chatot on a shoulder like Butterfree, kinda like a parrot on a pirate's shoulder. But he can't balance very well so I gave up.

no title
Here are the Hoenn starters final evo trio! One of them is the Japanese version and the other two are from the US. Can you guess which one is from Japan?
Also, I totally forgot that I had bought a Spiritomb Pokédoll already <.<; Once I get my second one, I'll put it up for sale.

A birds-eye view of some pinkies, ghosties, and normal types. Heh, it's just a messy random assortment, but I'm sure some of you can appreciate how much effort there is to organising an entire collection full of tags that you don't want to damage/damage further.

These are some of my most valuable Pokédolls, especially Smoochum. I've heard people saying that they've been looking for Smoochum for several years but have never even seen one for sale/auction. Don't give up hope guys! Your grail is out there somewhere!

My legendary Pokédoll shelf! I put some others on the desk as I was trying to make sure both Meloettas and Genesects weren't blocked when taking the picture.

My most prized Pokédoll possessions, excluding Smoochum of course. Each of the Johto beasts are quite special to me - Suicune was the first item I ever bought from the comm, Raikou was the first that I ever got help finding when I made my introduction to the comm, and Entei was one of my very first Pokédolls (I bought him from Pokevault before joining here).
I've been after Tufty Pichu and Shadow Lugia for a while. I was hoping that if I ever found a Tufty Pichu, it would have its tags attached. Strangely, just like with Houndour, the first Tufty Pichu I saw and had the opportunity to own was one with all tags attached!!! :O I swear my luck likes to play tricks on me and either make me happy or sad, lol. For Shadow Lugia, although I have owned them with tags previously, I really wanted the Japanese version with the XD Gale of Darkness hang tag attached. I couldn't believe how long I had to wait since I either found bootlegs or used tush tag only versions on YJ. I actually gave up and decided to keep a US version with the regular hang tag instead. I cannot express just how surprised I was when I finally saw the one I really wanted! All I can say is, 2015, if you were a person, I would kiss you and never let you go :D This is such an awesome year to be collecting.

no title
Thought I'd share the Tufty Pichu charm I got last year. I finally have both plush and charm in my possession!!! Both were in my wants list too so I'm glad that I could cross them off. Definitely a big highlight of my collection!

And with that, my good friends Snorlax, Houndour, and Corsola would like to say thanks for looking!

Now it's time to start culling my collection! I only have a few in mind that I can definitely sell, but I need to gather up funds for a couple of holy grails quickly. One of them is Pokemon-related, one of them isn't. I will put up a new sales post in my personal journal shortly and edit this post with a link so watch out for that :) The sales/auctions post can be found here!

Also, I just received these today :D
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