Jan (poliwhirl) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Claims Post for Upcoming figures (Ghost Ippai collection, Sleeping Friends XY3)

Hi all! Sorry fo posting so often ^^; But I have quite a bit of free time this week so might as well get things organised :)

 I have opened up claims post for some of the upcoming sets of figures that I think people might be interested in, please click the pictures to go to the claims post.

Please note that these are October and November release, I am just opening posts earlier so I can contact the shop that I am picking these up at early to make sure I everyone will get their sets!

Ghost Ippai Collection (October preorder)

Sleeping Friends XY3 (November Preorder)

And yep, apparantly a new pokemon will be featured at the sleeping friends XY3 set! I wonder what it would be :D
Tags: banette, bulbasaur, charmander, cofagrigus, gengar, litwick, pikachu, pumpkaboo, squirtle
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