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✿ Ebay Lot Up For Sale! ✿

Hello everyone! (✿◠‿◠)

I've deleted my post from yesterday.
Normally i don't do that, but it seemed as though no one at all was interested in my sale, and today is my last day off before work again, so i really wanted to get these plushies into new homes asap.
Anyhoo, i have taken new photos and listed the entire plush lot up on Ebay! C:
Feel free to GA it if you want! Considering the values of some of the items, i'd say my starting bid price is pretty fair. Sales permission and everything can be found in my sales post, which is under the stunky banner at the bottom of the post!
Please click here or the photo to see the listing and more photos of the items!

After i pay off some things here tomorrow, i'll also be taking a break from buying for a while! I'm so close to getting my driving license finally(im only 24 already lol), and ill be focusing on saving up for car insurance! :D And then saving up for fabric to make myself a zigzagoon kigurumi finally hehe! >w<
Though if you do have something from my wish list, please still let me know! I'll probably buy it anyways!! xD

tinyzig1.jpgThat's it for today! Thank you for looking everyone!
~ Ziggy

Please click on the banners!
Tags: linoone, sales, wanted, wants, zigzagoon
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