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Big Kids Sales! *o*

Hello everyone!

Today I've got for you a lot of Kids figures up for sale. There's over 150 DIFFERENT Pokemon :D
If you'll buy few figures I'll be glad to give you a discount! :) Or just shoot me your offer :)
Here's a little preview:

Shipping for them is super cheap - starts from only $1.6 for up to 5 figues!
Each figure will be wrapped in foil for the shipping and they'll be shipped in bubble mailers.
If you would like to get your figures shipped in a box - let me know!
Here's the estimated shipping:

Of course this post is CTRL+F friendly!

You can also check my Polish TCG sales if you haven't yet (I'll gladly combine flats with nonflats)

And my other sales:

I'll be shipping out everything after this weekend! (if it's important for you to have them shipped before weekend let me know please)
If you bought something from me last week it has been already shipped out! ^-^

Few tags:
pkmnsuicune - I'm tagging you as I promised, maybe you'll find something interesting here ^^
aslyl - there's a Cherrim figure (though you probably already have this one :D)
okgod - maybe you'll find something interesting here too :>
supairo - Blaziken and Jolteon kids :)

Here're my rules:
clickCollapse )

And now onto SALES! *o*
check out my kidsCollapse )

During weekend I'll be posting huge FLATS SALES so stay tunned! :O
If you're looking for specific Pokemon flats and want me to tag you in my sales LET ME KNOW! OwO
Probably in about a month I will finally post my collection update (still waiting for few packages!)

Thanks for looking guys!
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