marphoria. (marphoria) wrote in pkmncollectors,

☆ pikachu nebukuro collection PICS ! ! ! ☆

Oh my goodness, my snakey heart ;___;

I know lots of us are anxiously awaiting the super adorable Pikachu Nebukuro Collection Kuji that's coming in a couple weeks...but actual photos of the Kuji were released on the Pokemon Daisuki Blog today!  Thanks so much for the link info,allinia !!!

Sleeping Pika Zard....omg so cute ;o;

EKANS SNAKEY BB <3333333333

Adorable mascot plushies

Rubber keychains?!  MORE AWESOME 1ST GENS?!!!

Hand Towels :D

Pika Zard towel!!!!

Pika Zard and Pika Vee socks, because who wouldn't want Pikas on their feet x)

Is anyone else just as excited as I am over these cutie pies?!!! I can't recall the last time Ekans got any official merch, so seeing him as a sleeping bag like that makes me happier than ever. Yay for 1st Gens!!! :D
Tags: 1st gen, banpresto, charizard, eevee, ekans, gengar, golbat, pikachu, snorlax
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