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Zigzagoon want list!

Hey hey! :)

I just love Zigzagoon and am a serious collector :3 I know zigguppafu is a big collector herself, she gave me permission to use her pictures :) Who can help me get these Zigzagoon items? I searched ebay a lot and can't find anything! YahooJapan is a bit difficult for me, and I also searched Facebook.

Who can help me :D ? I live in The Netherlands, so shipping should be to here. (I am only looking for the Zig items, not the Linoone items on the pics)

Thanks so much for helping me guys!! :D

1. Tomy truck toy (has zigzagoon on it)

2. Japanese mega bean
3.  Decochara Seal Holder
4. Kid Clear figure (already have normal one)
5. AG Data Carrier Plastic Battle Card
6. Hoenn puzzle
7. Suction cup figure
8. Spinning cap figure
9. Tin Butter Cookies
10 Mighty bean

1. Bronze, silver, gold Japanese coins
2. Binx rubber pog
3. Velcro pog pickers
4. Japanese pog
5. XY pog
6. WAPS (already have pink one!)
7. Clear file normal types
8. XY size comperison page
9. (same as nr 1)

1. Mirror Amada stickers
2. Japanese sticker
3. RSE sticker sheet
4. Little sticker (name spelled wrong)
5. Amada stickers
6. Tiny sticker
7. Ultimate sticker
8. Dex kid stickers
9. Stamps
10. XY Pooffy sticker sheet
11. Temporary tattoo
13. Japanese kid card
14. Little Japanese Zigzagoon square
15. Italian lamincard
16. Only Zigzagoon VS Treecko & Skitty (already have Pichu)
17. XY Episode bromide
18. Lenticular Flixpix card

If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask, thanks so much!

~Only accept Paypal

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