frankthepug0487 (frankthepug0487) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Business, Business, Business! Numbers! is this working?

I put in my order for the brand new "Intern Pikachu" on Monday...and he's already here just two days later!

So many tushie tags. I can't remember seeing this many on a plush before. Back in my day we got one tag not to throw it into the washing machine and we LIKED it!

I think everyone who noticed the "Celebrations" on the title for the plush is probably spot on about it being a new line...likely bringing over those Monthly Pikachus. Certainly I hope we see some more of them..this guy is just too dang funny looking.

Invest in stocks! Gain much money!

Pretty neat all around...anyone else order this little guy?

Tags: pikachu, plush, pokemon center
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