laurenbachmann (laurenbachmann) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Yet another metal collection question

Hey all.. so as my collection of metals continues to grow I realized that I'm still not sure all of the figures that were made... I know all of gen 1 was made but after that it seems each gen has had fewer and fewer pokemon added to the metal collection.. so my question is,  which pokemon were made into metals?  Any that you know of please share with me.. if you have any pics of them that is even better
And I know some pokemon have had multiple styles made.. pikachu has too many to count but I know there are atleast 2 versions of psyduck, mchop, geodude, cyndaquil, chikorita,  snorlax, horsea, gyrados, magikarp, jirachi, kyorgre, etc.. and piplup has 3 different.. id love to know all of the pokemon that have come in multiple styles
Also, were all of the gen 1 pokemon made into keshimon? I know there were a few after that like hoppip, cyndaquil, and slowking that were made into colored keshimon but were there others?

Tags: metal figures, pokemon
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