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Ginger Bean

Back from DragonCon - sales

Like the title says, I'm back from dragoncon! That was an amazing con, and overwhelming at the same time. I didn't buy any pokemon merch really, since what they did have was pretty much all bootleg. But I got plenty of other cool stuff. After the con though I do need to weed out some plush I've made recently, so I hope they all find good homes!

And I still have some stuff in my permanent sales post here, so feel free to browse.

or click here if image doesn't work -> Fox's PKMN Shop

All the prices for the plush are listed below, and they have links to their page with all the info (size, material, ect.), just to keep this better organized. If you have any questions or such, feel free to comment below as well! ^u^

Rules & Info
- received permission to sell on Wednesday, October 4, 2012 from rachelled
- my feedback ~
- I only accept paypal
- I ship from Florida, and yes I ship internationally
- I do not sell to banned members and don't make sales through PM
- custom plush made by me are NOT FOR RESALE FOR YOUR PROFIT. If I see them being resold right after, I have the right to ban you from my sales and commissions
- these prices are DragonCon discounts, future plush made of these will not be the same price
- All prices listed here include shipping/paypal fees for U.S. shipping (outside of the US will be additional $5)
- MegaSableye will come with tracking for US shipping, other plush will be an extra $2 if you want tracking
** - plush are first-come-first-serve : you don't have to commit but if 24 hours pass with no reply back, I'll move on to the next buyer
** - plush come from a smoke free, but pet friendly home (I have a cat)
** - packages will be shipped on my days off : Wednesday & Thursday (I'll notify you If I can go earlier)
** - I do not sell to banned members and won't make sales through PM

Deino : $85 :
Goomies (light colored and shiny) : $45 :
Joltik : $35 : SOLD
Spinarak : $85 :
Surskit : $65 :
Beedrill (the large one) : $75 :
Mega-Sableye : $105 :

thank you for looking!

Tags: beedrill, deino, goomy, joltik, plush, sableye, sales, spinarak, surskit
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