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~Updated w/Final Payment~ Quickie Stamper GA + Payment 1, extras

Edit: (update October 8th- Stamps have arrived today, I'll be working to get them ready to ship with totals, and I expect to have the entry posted this weekend)

Thank you guys and gals for banding together to help make this GA possible. There's no discounts and we had competition up until the end. With an extra $25 for an extra deposit and that extra push towards the end of the auction... We won! Extras are available at their start bids. Comment below if you would like to claim them. (Open the spreadsheet to view available extras)

Payment Instructions

- If claiming extras please do not pay yet. Post here with which extras you want and wait for your new Payment 1 total.
- Payment total for all participants is in the light green column on the spreadsheet.
- Please send payment to kaly206[at]hotmail[dot]com
- In the message write: "Quickie Stamper GA Payment 1 - [your-username]" and also include the item(s) you won.
- Please pay within 48 hours.
- When you have paid please comment here. If I got your location incorrect in the spreadsheet, please let me know!

Spreadsheet Here

- Edit: Screenshots were moved to the spreadsheet.

ETA: We'll give the stamper lot 1-2 weeks to arrive at the Deputy headquarters. 1-2 weeks for the lot to arrive to my place via EMS. And then give me a day or two to pack up and set up the final "shipping to you" payment post. So about a month from now! Feel free to PM me within this time if you would like a quick progress update.

Digi's Status - Offline, asleep

Update October 10th - Final Payment information/instructions

Hello! Instead of writing a new post, I'll go ahead and comment to our 6 participants! The images of your items have been updated to this post. And here are the instructions for the final payment! :)

-Payment total for all participants is in the light green column on the latest spreadsheet below.

-Please write "Quickie Stamper GA Final Payment" and also include the item(s) you won. Please check to make sure all your items were photographed. And, send payment to kaly206[at]hotmail[dot]com.

-Paypal will update US residents with a tracking number, and international folks will receive a customs number.

-International Folks: Please tell me how much would you like to mark down for the value of your package on your customs form. I will write how much you paid in total if there is no instruction.

-Please know that since this a GA there will be no compensation for lost or damaged packages in the mail.

-Please ask for insurance. If payment is sent without requesting insurance you are agreeing to accept the risk! An additioanl $2.20 covers up to $50 for US packages. And Registered Mail for international shipping starts at an additional $13.95.

Latest Spreadsheet Here for October 10th

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