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long awaited get and cynthia want.

hello all, I just changed my userpic just incase anyone doesnt recognise me!
today I received a very long awaited get. This particular mew plushie has been avoiding me since I started collecting over 3 years ago. When I made a wants for it miss10 was kind enough to sell me her duplicate, I was so happy and commenced waiting by the door every day waiting for it to arrive. This went on for weeks and I made the decision that if it didnt come by the end of this week then I would give it up as a lost cause (meaning mew got away from me again!) But then yesterday when I came home there was a "sorry we missed you" card from royal mail, this was 4 and a half weeks after mew was shipped, I didnt get my hopes up too much as I was waiting for several other parcels to come. When I went to collect it however they said it came from the US, needless to say I ripped that sucker open and there was mew!! I couldnt believe it, I was sure it had gotten lost after all this time. what are you playing at royal mail seriously?!?! I have had several international parcels take a really long time lately (although this took the biscuit) I dont know if it is just the new area I moved to which is slow or if others in the UK are having this problem.
without any further ado

the yawarakai mew banpresto from 2005, mint with tag and 1000% cuteness, its a little bit smaller than I imagined which makes it all the cuter :3

I am also in the market for a cynthia nendoroid, I dont mind if its the JP or US version. So if anyone has one or seen one at a good price then please let me know :D
shipping would be to the UK :)

p.s. I rarely get the time to make full posts here anymore but I post all my new poke gets and finds on my instagram page if anyone else is a user and abbeymew on there too! 
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