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MEGA Collection Update!!!

Good morning everyone!!!
So, I've been holding off on a big update since JUNE!
Every time I'd get a package, I'd order another, and I'd wait, and with only a few packages due in weeks, I assume, I'm here with my big update!!!
So, away we go!


Torchic and pidove are from mercurrix and meloman1a's GA!!!
I was so excited to finally get them!

My two lotad kids from sis_strider! Saw them as I was on vacation in florida and had to get them!

All my shinies from the wonderful dezi_kitsune! I bought Swampert on vacation also, while I was driving through the Appalachians!!! I have a shiny swampert as my OR starter, so I had to get him! The other four I got on her recent offers post, and I was SO geeked, I've been checking in and messaging her since April, asking if she would separate the lots of shiny kids she had ^^'
Grovyle especially is my favorite!
In other news, shiny sceptile is named Beulah...

Family reunited!!!

Traded a custom for these two from lotad, and was so geeked! Wailord is named Oley (long story), and skitty is yet unnamed (all my shinies eventually get names).

Traded three smaller customs for these guys from diamondphantom!
I saw a breloom in a Target while I was in fourth grade. I didn't have enough to buy it, and kept looking for years for one! When they had one, I jumped on it!!! :D

Poochyena also from diamondphantom. I forgot the poor fella in the first picture ^^'
Anyone know who his maker is?

Kids from splash! I especially love Pink Butterfree, and my two tauros!

Traded three customs for these five from starpurrloin (partywooper/meowsticwarrior)! We're doing another trade that I won't get for a few weeks- it's a big one, and I've got four customs to make ^^"

Gets from Japan! My friend Najla went to Mega Tokyo THE DAY POKEMON TIME EEVEELUTIONS CAME OUT T.T
So I asked if she could bring an umbreon back, and she surprised me with the charmander eraser figure as well :'D

Now for things I found-

Restored Berkshire Fashions mewtwo keychain. Bought for 25 cents. He cleaned up nicely!

Goomy tomy plush, and new tomy gogoat figure- kid for comparison.

Stuff I found at walmart, target and antique malls. Those are MIP thinkchips!
I also pulled a full art tyranitar EX, he may be placed for trade soon....

Eevee pokedoll off of ebay ($6.50!!!) and flareon from the same seller (named him Gunnar).
They're Mint, without hang tags! The velboa is SOOOO nice!!!

Vaporeon and jolteon pokedolls on the way from the same seller!!! Got all four 2007 releases for $65 or so!

Eeveelution family!!! Once I get jolteon and vaporeon, I only need leafeon and sylveon!

As a side note, is my espeon, White-Tip. I named her for this patch in her ear. I don't even notice unless I'm close, but the seller mentioned that was how the espeon was when she bought her from pokemon center. The fabric on the dark side of her ear has no color in that spot, but the other fabric doesn't have the mark, so it's not bleach... anyone else ever see this happen? She's mint without tag too...

And a full collection picture!!!!

Thanks for reading, MAJOR brownie points if you made it to the end!
I'm gonna post again in a couple weeks when my last few packages arrive, but that'll be much smaller!
Have a good day, and happy collecting everyone!!!


Tags: bandai, collection update, espeon, figures, gogoat, kids, plush, pokedoll, tomy, vaporeon
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