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Absolutely amazing summer gets!

Finally I got a long awaited package from Japan and I can make my first gets post :D Here are things I got this summer, including one very very special item~~

But first lets start with my first community purchase from stalkingsuicune:

Third movie promotional fan, Pokemon Center pressed coin from 2010 and Pokemon Bandai Action Figure

The fan is so sparkly in person and I can't capture this in the photos :( But seriously, the best part of third movie merch (besides Entei) are the sparkles! :D

And Bandai Entei is so tiny <3 (Tomy on the left for size reference)

Here's my second purchase from the community, from thepapayafruit: european candy figure Entei

Mystery package, which I got as a suprise from my dad :D Hasbro Meowth

And my first order from sunyshore:

Okay, now it's time to show main reason of this post; a package from buyee. I thought that it will never arrive because of a lot of problems I've had with it. (story time) First, when I bought one of the items I was unable to make payment, no matter which payment method I used. I contacted buyee immediately, but they said that there was some problem with my card and I need to contact my bank. Which I did. But they said that they don't see anything wrong with my card and I need to contact buyee. I was blocked from bidding on buyee for almost three weeks (and I lost my beast trio grail because of this;_;). By some kind of miracle I was finally able to complete the payment and my package was shipped. But then it was stopped by the customs office, which after another week (!) of keeping my package shipped it. To a different city. Because somebody misread 'Warsaw' as 'Wrocław';_; I was so stressed that they might just send it back, or it will get lost, or it might get damaged. But finally, after a month, it's here:

Unpacking time

And now the item I'm most excited about. I probably spent a waaay too much for it but I don't care. I'm just incredibly happy to finally own it.

Oh my God.

I just...

I almost cried when I was opening the package.

Entei Crystal Tower Chibi House, Tomy, 2001, MIB.

I just love everything about this set. <3 Third movie was always my favourite Pokemon movie and owning such beautiful item inspired by it is simply amazing. When I first saw it on a collection website I was absolutely amazed that such unique item was made for a third movie. I cannot decide which I love more - Entei or Crystal World. Every part of this playset is perfect - sparkling crystal pieces, spinning Unown wheel, little crystal-like details and that small figures <3 I still cannot believe that I was able to find and win it. The fact that this is still new, MIB item is making it even more incredible. I've had an intense bidwar over it :D It was an auction with an auto extension rule and it ended about half an hour later than it originally should :D
I really, REALLY want to open it and play with that tiny Entei ;U; But I also want to keep it mint in box forever <3

Part two of movie merch: theatre promo program, rubber keychain and music collection in beautiful metal tin C:

Suicune Banpresto plush from 2000. Suicune is such an amazing Pokemon - he looks so majestic even in form of a small, cute plush :D

And a whole set of Pokemon 3D puzzle!


And group shot of all my Beasts gets C:

Thank you for reading~
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