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Lets do the time warp again!

Back in the far off year of 1998, I had first succumbed to what was referred to by many news media outlets as "PokeFever". Surely, these fantastically silly creatures would never catch on, and kids would be back to playing with their other toys until the next fad happens, right?

Over a decade and a half later and here we all are, still fawing over hundreds of different little monsters. It's really something isn't it?

When going through so pictures she found her closet, my mom happened across some pictures, and one of them was this cute one.

That right there is my original Hasbro Pikachu, Squirtle and Meowth. And well....I would never think about getting rid of them! In fact, here they are again in 2015.

Still just as neat as ever. When I joined the community a few weeks ago, I erroneously forgot to include my real entire collection, not just my Rotom stuff.

That's just a little taste lol. I've got tons more photos into this little album over here. Pretty much every picture I could find of all my stuff. As far as I know, this is literally every Pokemon related thing I own, although I suspect I may find more as I continue cleaning up and sorting things in our basement!

So yeah, i figured I would finally get some pics of my full collection together, so that's that. I do have quite a few things not pictured but I'm not really sure where they are, or if I took pictures where those might be lol

Tags: collection, figures, plush, pokemon, rotom
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