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quick sales and recent Pikachu gets

Hi, I got an extra Ghost Pikachu charm which will be perfect for Halloween coming up!

I am accepting offers for Halloween Ghost Pikachu charm from 2012 starting at $20

Plus my sales here~ and market/bookstore pickups here.

Well, I'm lazy and don't have the pictures of my recent Pokemon food snacks and bookstore gets... so I guess these will suffice for now!

Got a huge FJ package yesterday which contained...

The Pikachu Mania cushions! It pretty much took up most of the box. XD Anyone have ideas for creative pics with the butt tail cushions?? Besides mooning other Pokemon XDD

The Pikachu plushies I got off Amazon JP. I just had to get multiples of them besides the Secret Base Pikachu that's for my friend. I still need to get one for myself. >_>

I can't help but get multiples of the Monthly Pikachu. >w< And the Dittochu Ice Cream mascot plush is perfect to hang next to my Pokemikke Eevee and Ditto Ice Cream pass case. Also, I'd like to have doubles so I can hang one on my bag when I go to the ice cream shop especially ones at the beach/coastal towns. XD

Oh I will soon be taking lots of pictures with Chef/Baker Chu to continue my Monthly Pikachu pics~ got some great ideas for Chef Chu and places to take him!


Also, I got the Pikachu mug from the Pikachu Focus promo and I got in a few more sets of the Puttito cup figures so now I have a total of 5. I'm a little crazy. ^_^" I really like these cup figures and plan on getting more from other series like Sailor Moon and Gintama Ochatomo figures. Does anyone else have other cup figures?

Sometimes, I have trouble placing the clinging Pikachu onto the mug rim. It's easier on the glasses but for mugs it takes me awhile to make the hands/arms stay and not fall off. Anyone else have trouble? I guess for mugs the rim is thicker... so it doesn't stick/cling easily. At least, my little sister was able to put all 6 figures onto the mug after a few attempts!
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