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First Sales/Trades Post! Metal Figs, FCS, Coins, Plush, Misc..

Hello All! Welcome to my sales post! I have a bunch of random pokemon-ness up for sale here so maybe there is something for you :). My first choice at this point would be to trade any of my items for more Metal Figures that I don't have yet but I AM willing to sell. If you feel a price I have set is unfair then please let me know, I can't promise I'll change it but I'm willing to work with you. I will occasionally add stuff over time but it will be a fairly slow process, mainly metal figures since that is what I collect and wind up with duplicates of! Now on to the stuff!

-All pkmncollectors rules apply
- I have a $10 minimum order requirement. Shipping out a million $2 orders is a pain in the arse.
-I was granted sales permission on August 16, 2015 by areica96
-My community feedback can be found here:
-I will not sell to banned users, and reserve the right to refuse to sales to anyone who I do not feel safe selling too.
-Please express clearly whether you are committed or just after a quote. Priority on items will go to those who are committed. I will however offer to hold an item if and only IF the buyer can give me an exact payment date.
-Negative feedback will be left if you back out of a sale, please do not commit if you cannot pay.
-I do own a dog and, though he isn't allowed to touch any of the items and I keep them clean, he is still an indoor dog so if you have severe allergies you buy at your own risk.
-I will not accept returns, so please ask questions before purchasing if you are unsure.
-I DO accept trades but only for GBA/DS games or Metal Figures.

-I accept Paypal or Concealed Cash
-Payment must be made within 48 hours of receiving your total after you commit, or if you have asked for a hold, payment must be made by the agreed upon date.
- Prices are in USD and do NOT include shipping

-I ship from Michigan USA
-I do NOT offer international shipping, USA buyers/traders only please.
-I typically ship on Saturday so your item will most likely go out the Saturday following your payment. If for whatever reason there will be a delay I will message you right away.
-I will not give compensation or a refund on items lost in the mail.

"Metal Figures">Metal Figures! All my Metal Figure prices are based on a multitude of things. 1. the rarity of the figure, 2. the rarity of the color, 3. the popularity of the pokemon, and 4. the condition of the figure.

Copper Charmeleon -$3
Gunmetal Charmeleon-$2
Copper Squirtle $4
Copper Caterpie-$3- ON HOLD
Copper Butterfree-$7- ON HOLD
Bronze Kakuna-$4
Copper Pidgeotto-$3-
Rubbed Gold Pidgeot-$1- ON HOLD
Copper Raticate-$4
Green Raticate-$5
Gunmetal Arbok(damaged)-$2
Light Red Arbok-$6
Slightly Faded Green Arbok-$5
Copper Sandshrew-$4-SOLD
Green Sandshrew-$5
Faded Green Sandshrew-$4
Green Clefable-$6
Gold Golbat-$3
Copper Golbat-$3-SOLD
Copper Venomoth-$3
Copper Psyduck-$4
Light Red Psyduck-$5
Gunmetal Poliwhirl-$4
Damaged Gunmetal Poliwhirl-$2- ON HOLD
Blue Poliwhirl-$5
Tarnished Gold Machop-$1
Bronze Machop-$2
Pink Machop-$4
Copper Machoke-$3-ON HOLD
Dark Red Machoke-$4
Slightly Tarnished Gold Machamp-$1
Copper Machamp-$2- ON HOLD
Tarnished Gold Geodude-$1
Copper Golem-$3
Dark Red Golem-$4
Copper Ponyta-$6- ON HOLD
Tarnished Gold Magnemite-$2
Tarnished Copper Magnemite-$2- ON HOLD
Bronze Seel-$5
Blue Dewgong-$10
Blue Grimer-$5
Dark Purple Shellder-$7
Slightly Tarnished Gold Shellder-$4
Heavily Tarnished Gold Gengar-$4- ON HOLD
Copper Gengar-$6- SOLD
Light Blue Gengar (slight scratch on face)-$6
Slighly Tarnished Gold Onix-$2
Copper Onix-$3
Gunmetal Onix-$3
Gunmetal Marowak-$5
Rubbed Gold Lickitung-$2
Tarnished Gold Lickitung-$2
Copper Lickitung-$3-ON HOLD
Bronze Lickitung-$3
Gunmetal Lickitung-$3
Green Lickitung-$4
Tarnished Gold Staryu-$2
Copper Staryu-$4
Bronze Staryu-$4
Damaged Gunmetal Staryu-$1
Copper Starmie-$4
Copper Jynx-$5-ON HOLD
Blue Jynx-$6
Pink Electabuzz-$8
Bronze Magmar-$8
Gold Gyrados-$10
Heavily Tarnished Gold Flareon-$4- SOLD
Copper Flareon-$8- SOLD
Gunmetal Porygon-$5
Copper Kabuto-$6- ON HOLD
Gunmetal Aerodactyl-$8
Slightly Faded Green Snorlax-$6
Heavily Tarnished Gold Dragonite-$5
Slightly Tarnished Gold Dragonite-$7
Bronze Alomomola w/box-$8
Copper Primal Kyogree w/box-on hold
Silver Talonflame w/box-$10

Metal Collection Coins- First Row $5 each,$4 each if you buy 3 or more, $3 each if you buy 5 or more... Second row $7 each w/boxes

Copper Landorus-SOLD
Silver Landorus
Gold Landorus-SOLD
Copper Cobalion
Copper Tornadus
Bronze Palkia-SOLD
Silver Arceus-SOLD

Second Row-
Silver Chesnaught-SOLD
Bronze Chesnaught
Copper Mega Swampert
Silver Mega Swampert
Silver Mega Latios-SOLD
Silver Mega Gallade-SOLD
Copper Megal Rayquaza-SOLD
Copper Delphox
Silver Greninja (not pictured)

Plushies- I have NO idea which of these are legit or bootie, so buy at your own risk.. i THINK Dratini, Jigglypuff, Meowth, Poliwhirl and Charizard are legit

12 inch Piplup-$7
Meowth(whiskers peeling)-$2
Jigglypuff(worn, and writing on tag)-$2
Burger King Snorlax- $1

FCS Figures- WITH your choice of base color.. have some scuffs but those seem to rub off easy

Solid Colors-
Eevee- On Hold
Mewtwo(missing Attack)-$3
Mew-On Hold

Dewgong-on hold

extra bases- $1 each

Misc Figures

Green Mini Models Arbok and Kabutops-$3 each
Red Mini Model Sandslash-$2
Wigglytuff Tomy- $3
Zoroark Mcdonalds figure-$1
Haunter Kid(scratch on face)-$1

Random Pokemon Stuff

Pokemon Tattoo Series 2(missing Meowth tattoo)-$5
Pokemon Tattoo Series 3(missing eevee, omanyte, kabuto, dragonair, mew or mewtwo)-$3
Original Pokedex(works!)-$15
Pokemon Value Collectors Guide(worn)-$1

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